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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 9 Recap

When Shen Ruoxin’s mother got together for dinner with her old friends, she was happy, until she accidentally saw a video of her daughter being splashed with water on the Internet, she was shocked, and then asked about the source of the video. Song Ziyan dismissed the idea of ​​preparing for pregnancy and decided to get rid of the housewife and become a strong woman in the workplace.

However, after getting married, Song Ziyan has basically derailed from society and stayed at home all day long with nothing to do. When she really wanted to devote herself to her career, she found that she had no work experience at all and did not meet the requirements of the other party’s company at all. At the same time, Xu Minjie felt that Shen Ruoxin was a manufacturable material through his observations during this period, so he wanted to invite her to join the New Energy Department and become the main force in his team.

Shen Ruoxin took Qi Xiao to the housekeeping company to look for the cleaning aunt, and then went to the agency to find a house, and looked at the houses one by one, but those houses did not meet the requirements of the big boss, which made the agent Xiaoyu feel extremely tired, please. Let Shen Ruoxin lower her requirements. Shen Ruoxin couldn’t lower her request, and asked Xiaoyu to help and look for it again, and she was too tired to stand up.

Song Ziyan made a table of delicious food. She wanted to wait for Lao Zou to come back to the world of two. She didn’t expect Lao Zou to leave her for business. She was really in no mood and could only ask Shen Ruoxin to eat at home. Shen Ruoxin wanted to go to Song Ziyan to eat, so Qi Xiao asked Qi Xiao to eat nearby. Qi Xiao wanted to dine with Shen Ruoxin, but Shen Ruoxin rejected Qi Xiao’s taste as different from her and refused to take him.

Qi Xiao didn’t want to be disgusted by Shen Ruoxin again next time, so he went to the hot pot restaurant by himself and ate the explosive hot pot directly, so that he could adapt to the spicy hot pot. You Sijia finally turned right, and when Qi Xiao went to inform You Sijia, You Sijia was very happy, and immediately invited guests to dinner. You Sijia knew that Shen Ruoxin was a big help to her to become a normal person, but she was embarrassed to ask Shen Ruoxin, so she could only ask for dinner as compensation.

Qi Xiao knew Shen Ruoxin’s wish. He changed the dinner invitation program to visit an amusement park, which not only realized Shen Ruoxin’s dream, but also made them relax. When the company was about to lay off employees, Cui Lixin offered to resign and left Zhenpeng Automobile Group. When he left, he deliberately left Shen Ruoxin with a card to say goodbye to Shen Ruoxin, which made Shen Ruoxin suddenly feel a little regretful.

Qi Xiao took Shen Ruoxin to the amusement park, and Shen Ruoxin scolded Qi Xiao for playing this when he was so old. At this time, You Sijia and Su Yang appeared, and Shen Ruoxin played with them. After playing for a long time, Shen Ruoxin found that You Sijia liked Su Yang, so he chatted with You Sijia, and when You Sijia mentioned Su Yang, she was very happy, and she was full of likes.

Shen Ruoxin wanted to give You Sijia a chance, and when he was riding the Ferris wheel, he pulled Qi Xiao away from it, so that You Sijia could be alone with Su Yang. You Sijia told Su Yang what he liked, and Su Yang frankly told You Sijia that if he couldn’t find a job within a year, he would go back to his hometown to take the civil service examination, so he didn’t plan to find a girlfriend so that he would not leave. Sad time. Knowing Su Yang’s worries, You Sijia made an agreement with Su Yang, so that they can have a happy and fulfilling time during this period, and Su Yang was in the mood to take a selfie with You Sijia on the Ferris wheel.

Song Ziyan accompanied Zou Cheng home to see her mother-in-law, who urged Zou Cheng to ask when Zou Cheng had a baby, but Zou Cheng explicitly rejected it because Zou Cheng didn’t want children. The mother-in-law couldn’t understand what Zou Cheng said. When Zou Cheng went to call, she embarrassed Song Ziyan. The mother-in-law asked Song Ziyan when she would have a baby. Before Song Ziyan could explain, she blamed Song Ziyan for following Zou Cheng’s instructions, but in fact she didn’t listen to Zou Cheng’s accusation against Song Ziyan. When Song Ziyan went back, she asked Zou Cheng what she meant in her mother-in-law’s words, asking Zou Cheng to solve her mother-in-law’s pressure, because Dink was jointly decided by them, but now Zou Cheng is shaken by it.

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