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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 10 Recap

Facing Xu Minjie’s invitation, Shen Ruoxin suppressed her inner joy and readily agreed to join the team. Her previous patience and humiliation finally paid off, and she could take this opportunity to stand at the top of the pyramid again. However, my mother called to ask about the online video. Because of her incomprehension, Shen Ruoxin was very lost, sitting at home alone and recalling everything she suffered when she first entered the workplace.

Shen Ruoxin planned to customize the dress to attend the banquet. Qi Xiao took the initiative to help her measure the size. As a result, the two of them were a little nervous about this, even cautious. As the atmosphere became more and more silent, Shen Ruoxin became even more at a loss, feeling that she had never felt before, which made her panic and uneasy.

Shen Ruoxin didn’t expect Qi Xiao to be so clever as a boy, so he asked Qi Xiao about his love to make jewelry. Qi Xiao talked to Shen Ruoxin about his family’s affairs. Shen Ruoxin saw that he was also a difficult person, so he helped him make career planning and persuaded him to go to the judicial examination. Qi Xiao refused to take the judicial examination, nor did he plan to practice a career or a lawyer, because what he most wanted to do was jewelry design, but Shen Ruoxin didn’t understand this. In order to make Shen Ruoxin more aware, Qi Xiao slowly told Shen Ruoxin about the bracelet he used to make, and said that Shen Ruoxin was asleep.

The launch of the new energy vehicle started. When Xu Minjie, the new general manager, took the stage to give a speech, Shen Ruoxin’s baffle fell off and they had to manually use the tape to show the content of the baffle. At the end of the press conference, Liu Pei and Ruan Ye pretended to congratulate Xu Minjie and said compliments to Xu Minjie, but they wanted to find out Xu Minjie’s bottom line. When Liu Pei pretended to compliment, someone from the administration department gave Xu Minjie the hotel room card, claiming that the house he requested had not been found, and he had to stay in the hotel for a few days.

Xu Minjie didn’t want to stay in a hotel, nor did he want to listen to Liu Pei’s hypocritical words. He directly took the room card and went to the Chief Executive Officer Li, in order to let everyone know his style of work and stand for himself. When Xu Minjie went to see President Li, she happened to take the elevator with Shen Ruoxin. He heard that Shen Ruoxin had finished the press conference and was busy discussing housing treaties with the agency, which made him especially like Shen Ruoxin’s style of work. Xu Minjie went to find Mr. Li to settle the accounts, and Mr. Li directly asked Shen Ruoxin to come, trying to transfer all the responsibility to Shen Ruoxin.

Qi Xiao knew that President Li wanted to let Shen Ruoxin take the blame, and immediately went to Shen Ruoxin. He wanted Shen Ruoxin to hide, but Shen Ruoxin refused to do so. Shen Ruoxin took the initiative to go to President Li’s office to fight for what he did not do wrong. President Li did not give her the opportunity to explain, and directly deducted her performance and bonus. When President Li punished her, Shen Ruoxin again apologized to Xu Minjie, claiming that she did not handle the matter because the time she received the task was too short.

Xu Minjie believed Shen Ruoxin’s words and asked Shen Ruoxin about the time when Shen Ruoxin received the task. It was immediately clear that President Li intended to make things difficult for Shen Ruoxin, and Shen Ruoxin’s style of work was very similar to him, so he spoke for Shen Ruoxin and prevented President Li from punishing Shen Ruoxin. Xu Minjie gave Shen Ruoxin the rest of his work, and Shen Ruoxin handled it very well, so Xu Minjie had a chat with Shen Ruoxin after Shen Ruoxin finished the basic work.

Xu Minjie asked Shen Ruoxin why he still stayed in the administration department after being transferred, and found that Shen Ruoxin was an ambitious person, and he was indeed the one he needed in the company, so he asked Shen Ruoxin to be his company’s guide. After Shen Ruoxin had finished talking with Xu Minjie, he happily told Qi Xiao about the future development of the company, letting Qi Xiao know that their opportunity to comeback was coming soon, because the new Xu Minjie is a good boss with vision, and he just needs them. Help, and this is a good time for them to perform.

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