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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 23 Recap

Changge was taken by the soldiers of the Asile tribe. Seeing that Changge was about to die, a mother-in-law named Ai’er rescued Changge. Ai’er is the person next to Ke Dun, and Ke Dun is the princess Yicheng who was sent to the grassland and relatives in the Sui Dynasty. Ai’er brought Changge to meet Yicheng. She knew Changge wanted to save Luo Yi, so she chose the Central Plains. Tancheng treats Changge to each other, let Changge put her guard on her, and the two are ready to rescue Luo Yi together.

Le Yan and Xiao Wu rushed to Luoyang together. The relationship between the two has become deeper and deeper. Le Yan asked Xiao Wu to persevere. As long as they arrived in Luoyang, everything would be better, and the two would no longer have to live a life of displacement. After this period of time, she can be regarded as understanding Li Shimin’s daily hardship, she only hopes that all people are safe and the country is beautiful.

Ashley Falcon ventured out to see Long Song. He saw that someone had changed the medicine for Long Song. Long Song confessed to Ashley Falcon that Princess Yi Ting came to change the medicine for her and gave her some food. Ashley Falcon was deeply afraid of Changge’s accident. He told Changge that in this royal court, no one could believe Changge except him. As Kuritai is about to find a way to pick up Long Song, Long Song is unwilling to leave because General Luo Yi is here. She wants to rescue Luo Yi desperately, and hopes Ashley Falcon will not stop her. . Ashley Falcon hugged the long song in his arms, and he let the long song live well. In his heart, it is important that everything in the world is inferior to the long song.

Great Khan’s favorite wife Jinse came to the royal court, and Jinse’s coquettishness deepened the heart of the Great Khan. For Jinse, the Great Khan asked Yicheng to pour wine for Jinse himself. Yi Cheng endured all the humiliation, she stepped forward to pour the wine, but Jin Se was still dissatisfied, and the Great Khan injured Yi Cheng in a rage. Years of humiliation and self-respect life caused Yicheng to collapse. Yicheng called Changge. She told about her painful life of marrying the khan of the past for many years, and decided to help Changge rescue Luo Yi, and Changge is knowing During Yicheng’s plan, she also accidentally learned that Sheer was actually Yicheng’s biological son, but the Great Khan once made Sheer swear a heavy oath that Sheer could not see Yicheng privately.

Chang Ge came out of the camp, and she was seen by Sheer. Sheer pinched Chang Ge’s neck tightly, wondering why Chang Ge was close to Yi Cheng. When the long song was struggling, Sheer discovered that the long song was a woman. On the one hand, he was delighted that Mi Mi was not a man and woman in the long song. Follow his arrangements.

At the Kuritai meeting, Changge came with Sheer to meet the Great Khan to attend the banquet. She only saw Changge dressed in Ashele costumes, and she was wearing a face towel. Under Sheer’s reprimand, she poured wine for Sheer. Sheer Provoking Ashyl Falcon, he ignored Ashyl Falcon’s sharp gaze, and once again asked Changge to pour wine for him. Under Sheer’s repeated provocations, Ashyl Falcon finally couldn’t help it. He drew his sword and asked the Great Khan to fight Sheer.

If Ashyl Falcon wins, Sheer will give him the long song, but if Sheer wins, Ashyl Falcon will hand over Mimi to Sheer. The two have passed on the Khan since childhood, and they are considered first-class masters. The Khan is waiting to see the competition between the two. Both of them tried their best. Ashley Falcon gritted his teeth even more. He struggled to win. In this round, he successfully won the Long Song back and prepared to bring the Long Song back to the Eagle Division.

Sheer is the biological son of the Great Khan, and the Great Khan made an angry rebuke for Sheer’s failure at the Kuritai Conference. When Ashyl Falcon returned to the Hawkmaster with Chang Ge, Chang Ge suddenly broke away from Ashyl Falcon’s hand. She came to plead with the Great Khan, but she was unwilling to leave the royal court. Sheer laughed out loud, and now even a slave is unwilling to follow Ashley Falcon. The Great Khan was about to order someone to tie the long song to the Eagle Master, but Ashyl Falcon refused, and was unwilling to keep the long song.

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