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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 22 Recap

Gao Du caught up with the team going south. He asked about Le Yan’s whereabouts, but everyone said that no one had seen Le Yan. He couldn’t help but feel disappointed, wondering where Le Yan was. On the other side, Shuyu reported to Li Shimin that he had found out the person who shot the arrow. That person was not Changge, but a young general under the wolf army. After Li Shimin heard the news, he was relieved.

Chang Ge was arrested, and she returned to the grassland with the team. The Great Khan returned without success, his temper was abnormal, and he refused to even see Sheer’s request. At the same time, Ashley Falcon has been worried about the long song. After thinking about it, he decided to fight Sheer on the Curry Hall three days later, and he was winning the long song dignifiedly. Mi Mi was also worried about Changge. After she learned that Changge was arrested by Sheer’s people, she took the initiative to visit Changge with Ashley Falcon to visit Changge and give Changge some food.

Sheer tied the long song to the pillar and used it as a living target. Fortunately, Ashyl Falcon arrived in time to save the long song. Sheer knows that Ashley Falcon cares about the long song. He mentioned the contest between the two from childhood and decided to use the long song as a lottery. So he placed an apple on the long song and the two competed, whoever shot If you win Apple, you will win, and the three rounds will determine the outcome.

If Ashley Falcon wins, you can take away the long song. There was no suspense in the first two games that Ashle Falcon won, but Sheer cunningly exchanged a smaller apple. The apple is too small, and the wind is strong at this time, and Ashle Falcon warns Sher that he will miss the shot. Sheer Xiang was self-defeating, and he saw Ashley Falcon’s anxiousness, and only deliberately did it, aiming the arrow at the Long Song.

Ashley Falcon was afraid that there would be something wrong with the Long Song. Er’s arrow fended off and saved Chang Ge’s life. Changge almost died, Shi Lefalco was angry, he beat Sheer, and ran towards Changge. At this moment, the people of the Great Khan summoned Ashyl Falcon back to camp. Ashyl Falcon missed the last arrow. Sheer refused to let Ashyl Falcon take the Long Song, so Ashyl Falcon had to go to see the big first. Khan.

Chang Ge was taken back to the slave camp. Mi Mi saw Chang Ge in the camp, and her heart was full of worries. Sheer came to see Mimi’s concern for Changge, and couldn’t help clenching his fists, gritting his teeth and holding back his hatred. On the other side, the Great Khan praised the falconer’s bravery. He wanted to reward Ashyl Falcon, and Ashyl Falcon asked the Great Khan to let him participate in the duel of the Curry Hall three days later. The Great Khan stayed with Ashley Falcon in a tent with him. Soldiers came to report Luo Yi’s arrest. The Great Khan intended Luo Yi to return, but if Luo Yi did not, he would torture Luo Yi little by little. Let Luo Yi feel painful.

After Chang Ge talked with Mi Mi, she asked Mi Mi to go back first, and Mi Mi came out of the tent and met Sheer. Sheer and Mimi are old acquaintances. He is eager to know about Mimi’s current situation, but Mimi is cautious and polite to Sheer. At this moment, Ashyl Falcon came to watch the long song. He pointed out that Mimi was a falconer. Sheer was very surprised by this. Mimi had only one request for Sheer, and she begged Sheer not to kill the leader. Song, Long Song is her friend. Although Sheer agreed to Mimi, he wouldn’t let Long Song be better if he didn’t kill Long Song. Ashley Falcon told Changge to take good care of himself and insist on these three days, and he will take Changge away after three days.

Chang Ge saw Luo Yi’s figure in the royal court, and she was surprised that Luo Yi was arrested. Luo Yi was wounded all over his body. He was imprisoned in a slave camp. The Great Khan came to let Luo Yi return. Although Luo Yi was Li Jiancheng’s subordinate, he was unwilling to submit to Li Shimin, but he would not go into trouble with the prairie. Luo Yi was arrogant, and the Great Khan was not in a hurry. He only ordered people to wait for Luo Yi and slowly tortured Luo Yi.

Sheer’s feelings for Mimi are extraordinary. He is very jealous that Mimi is better than Changge, so he specially ordered someone to give Changge a living and never let Changge sit idle for a moment. At night, Changge visited the slave camp at night. She came to see Luo Yi. There was a person named Shishi in the slave camp. She was from Luo Yi and came to save Luo Yi. Knowing the identity of Changge, Eighteen let go of Changge, Luo Yi knew that Changge was not dead, and felt relieved in his heart. Luo Yi suffered a serious leg injury. He knew that he could not escape the slave camp. Now Chang Ge is still alive. He wants to reconsider Da Khan’s suggestion.

He is familiar with the Tang frontier defense. The soldiers and horses attacked Chang’an and took Li Shimin’s life to avenge Li Jiancheng. Long Song vetoed Luo Yi’s proposal. They should work for Tang Wanmin, not just their own family feuds. Hearing that Long Song is so thinking about the people and the country, Luo Yi just said that he was just a test and learned that Chang Ge was arrested for helping in the Battle of Weishui.

He couldn’t help boasting the bravery of Chang Ge’s tiger father and dogless girl. He also proved to Chang Ge that although he betrayed Li Shimin, he will always be a citizen of Datang and he cannot give in. In the Ashile tribe. Now that Luo Yi is seriously injured, Chang Ge only gave Luo Yi a bottle of wound medicine. She lets Shiba leave first, and she will definitely find a way to rescue Luo Yi. Who knows, Chang Ge was arrested by the soldiers as soon as he stepped out of the entrance of the camp.

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