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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 39 Recap

The truth about the theft of company design drawings is clear, but for Mingyuan, it is more important to prepare for the Symphony Show. Cheng Yang and Murphy started to catch up with the new design drawings with the whole group. They are currently being stumped by a piece of clothing, and they seem to be unable to meet their expectations in any way.

Suddenly Xia Xueling came to the design room. Her proposal gave Mo Fei and Cheng Yangdi to inspire, and they had new inspiration in an instant, and the finale design was also successfully completed. When the ready-made clothes appear, there seems to be a sense of mystery that the clouds do not know where they are, and the seven-color deer above makes the clothes gorgeous, and the outer yarn also adds a bit of hidden feeling in the clouds.

During the company break, Murphy was about to take a short break, and happened to meet Xia Xueling again. Morphy didn’t choose to escape again, and the two people looked at each other without the swords they had before. Murphy took the initiative to pass the sugar cubes to Xia Xueling, and Xia Xueling’s failure to refuse also showed that she accepted Murphy to some extent.

Fang Qian is gradually recovering. Fang Weiguo takes his daughter to go abroad, avoiding the complexity here, focusing on self-cultivation, and then considering returning to China after he has fully recovered. When Tang Mingxuan came to visit Fang Qian, he also learned from Fang Weiguo that he did not intend to compete with Mingyuan for the acquisition of SLC.

Fang Xiaoyu promised that as long as Fang Qian could heal, he could put aside all the grievances and grievances in the past, and Mo Fei also fulfilled his promise and took Tang Mingxuan with four of them to the amusement park. Tang Mingxuan and Fang Xiaoyu were finally able to go back to the way they were when they were children, chatting and amused without complaint, and shorting each other, causing the two girls to laugh endlessly.

Fang Xiaoyu accompanied Fang Qian on the roller coaster and carousel together, but after all, he couldn’t forget Murphy. Fang Xiaoyu has decided to personally accompany Fang Qian to recuperate abroad. He chooses to give up and bless him. He just looks at the sweet and happy Mofei and Tang Mingxuan before him, and he will inevitably show a lonely look.

The happy time is always short. Fang Qian and Fang Xiaoyu have already boarded the plane to go abroad, and Murphy’s vacation in France will soon end. Fortunately, Murphy was able to watch the Symphony Yunyan Show with his own eyes and received a full house of applause. Tang Mingxuan is confident that Mia can take the initiative to change her mind, and Mingyuan’s sales have also doubled this time.

Murphy was leaving soon, and Tang Mingxuan seemed to be counting the days, trying his best to accompany Murphy, walking in the night and riding bicycles together. Cheng Yang wanted to prepare a farewell party for Murphy. Throughout the dinner, Tang Mingxuan had a bitter face, as if Murphy would not leave as long as he didn’t face it.

The troubles came to an end for the time being, Xia Xueling suddenly had the urge to go to Yan Xu’s art exhibition, but the time was not coincident, the art exhibition had already closed. Xia Xueling obtained Yan Xu’s interview video on the promotional poster. When the other party mentioned the girl she had crushed in, she seemed to care very much and went back to replay it.

Xia Xueling and Yan Xu had a date for dinner. When they met again this time, Yan Xu realized that his feelings for Xia Xueling had not been affected by time. Yan Xu is a humorous and open-minded person. He chooses to court directly, even if he is unsuccessful, he still has a lifetime to wait and pursue.

Although Xia Xueling could not let go of Tang Mingxuan and rejected Yan Xu, she knew that the other party liked herself, and she did not choose to avoid it. Instead, she agreed to date Yan Xu again. At least Xia Xueling did not reject contact with Yan Xu. Xia Xueling forgot the time at work, so Yan Xu took her to sit on the bridge for a drink, and even brought fireworks.

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