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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 38 Recap

Murphy has been investigating the leaked design drawings, and there is no other clue. Murphy can only start the investigation from the time of Cheng Yang’s account login. Murphy couldn’t understand why it was two o’clock in the night of this day, until she came to the office and saw that the day was circled on the calendar as a celebration.

Murphy remembered that that night, Cheng Yang was so drunk that it was Shen Jiaxi who sent him to the hotel. After that, Midoduo suspected that Cheng Yang had derailed, so he called out the surveillance system and found that Shen Jiaxi sent Cheng Yang into the hotel room at the time of Cheng Yang’s account login. The person who stole the blueprint was clear at a glance, and Murphy would immediately find out and inform Cheng Yang and Midoduo.

During this period of time, Cheng Yang has been buying drunk at home, and Miduo has always been with him. Believe him, things have made new progress, and the two immediately came to Mingyuan with Murphy. It was only because of the theft of the design drawings that Mingyuan was heavily guarded, and anyone without a work license was forbidden to enter the company.

Murphy was also afraid of Miduo’s impulsive personality, and would make some unkind actions to cause trouble, choosing a person to enter Mingyuan and talk with Shen Jiaxi. Murphy and Shen Jiaxi are alone. In the face of doubt, Shen Jiaxi is confident. Without evidence, she can sarcasm and satirize Murphy unscrupulously.

Because of this incident, Mingyuan’s stock price plummeted and the acquisition was also affected. Tang Qiren also began to intervene, hoping that Tang Mingxuan could move around with the Xia family more and strive for the support of the Xia family. In particular, Xia Xueling used this opportunity to suppress Murphy and exclude Cheng Yang, and even strictly required Cheng Yang to be sent to the relevant legal department, and Cheng Yang was regarded as an established black hand and held accountable.

In order to vent Cheng Yang’s anger, Midodo had been waiting at the door of Mingyuan Company. When he saw Shen Jiaxi coming out, he immediately caught up with him and beat and scolded him, causing a very bad influence. Xia Xueling deliberately took this opportunity to call the police, but Murphy asked Xia Xueling to abide by the promise by agreeing that there was one day left. Tang Mingxuan learned that Mofei and Xia Xueling had privately agreed on a three-day agreement.

Shen Jiaxi believed that Murphy had no evidence. When meeting with Bai Xiaoman, she proudly showed off how he took advantage of Cheng Yang’s drunkenness and used his fingerprint to open his mobile phone login account and stole the design drawings. Shen Jiaxi’s move to kill with a knife also puts Murphy under pressure, which drew Bai Xiaoman’s praise.

The time agreed by Morphy and Xia Xueling had come, and Xia Xueling seemed to be very sure that Morphy could not find the truth, so she dared not come to Mingyuan again. Just when Xia Xueling repeatedly asked Tang Mingxuan to take Cheng Yang to court to pursue his responsibility, Murphy finally arrived in time.

Murphy took out his cell phone, which recorded the whole process of the meeting between Bai Xiaoman and Shen Jiaxi, and the conversation between the two of them was naturally recorded clearly. Murphy had no evidence, but the prima facie evidence proved that except for Shen Jiaxi, she could no longer be anyone else, so she asked Lu Zhu to help follow Shen Jiaxi and secretly recorded a video of Shen Jiaxi and Bai Xiaoman meeting.

Xia Xueling put the video in front of Shen Jiaxi, and Shen Jiaxi, who did not admit it, burst into tears. She knelt in front of Xia Xueling, begging for forgiveness, and promised to testify in court, accusing Bai Xiaoman of instigating her stealing design drawings. Not long ago, the law was demanded to be strict, plausibly, after learning that the real culprit was Shen Jiaxi, he asked Tang Mingxuan to deal with it leniently, only to dismiss the matter.

Moffy specifically called Shen Jiaxi to keep this friendship, but who knew that Shen Jiaxi gave her an answer that she had never thought of. It turns out that Shen Jiaxi deliberately soiled her clothes during the first match for Murphy, and Shen Jiaxi has never been a friend of Murphy.

After Shen Jiaxi came out from Mingyuan, she immediately met with Bai Xiaoman and asked for help. Shen Jiaxi confessed that he agreed that Xia Xueling’s identification of Bai Xiaoman was just a slow-down strategy, and Bai Xiaoman also immediately gave Shen Jiaxi the position of design director. The only requirement was that he could not be identified as the man behind the scenes.

When the truth became clear, Cheng Yang also returned to Mingyuan. Everyone in the design team showed welcome to him. The colleagues who originally distrusted Cheng Yang also showed feelings of guilt. It’s just that the more important thing now is to redesign new products that can be used for catwalks.

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