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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 36 Recap

What Murphy hated most was about Tang Mingxuan’s past. She learned from others that this would make Murphy think that she was not good enough, which made Tang Mingxuan unwilling to share everything with her. Tang Mingxuan accompanied Murphy on the riverside. In the beautiful night, he promised that nothing similar would happen again and he would share everything with Murphy. On tiptoe, Murphy once again touched her own happiness.

Fang Qian’s operation is about to come, and Xia Xueling also took advantage of her rare free time to visit Fang Qian. After three years of experience in Africa and the pain before her, Fang Qian understood how capricious they were at the beginning, and took it for granted that all good things belong to her. If the rose is forcibly broken off, it will wither. It’s better to appreciate its beauty in the sun. Faced with Fang Qian’s persuasion and comfort, Xia Xueling probably took these words to heart.

The company celebrated, Cheng Yang was happy to be drunk for a while, and by coincidence, Shen Jiaxi sent him home. Cheng Yang drank the fragment and was unconscious. Shen Jiaxi couldn’t ask about his family status, so he could only leave him in the hotel. Cheng Yang didn’t return overnight. Midodo rushed to the company because she was worried about Cheng Yang. She couldn’t make a call to Cheng Yang. She was worried about whether something went wrong.

At this time, Cheng Yang woke up in the hotel. Bye, the phone was turned off when the phone was dead. He guessed that Midoduo would rush to the company because he was worried, and he didn’t even have time to wear shoes. When Miduo saw Cheng Yang, the two embraced each other, but the excitement was completely wiped out by the lipstick mark on Cheng Yang’s collar.

Under repeated questioning by Miduo, Murphy found out that it was Cheng Yang that Shen Jiaxi had contacted last. Who knew that Miduo directly approached Shen Jiaxi when he was not sure about the facts, slapped her in front of everyone, and slandered her for seducing her. Cheng Yang. It wasn’t until Murphy took Midodo and Cheng Yang to the hotel that Cheng Yang Qingbai was paid off when he called out the surveillance.

Moffitt specially warned Midodo that feelings should have basic trust, which also made Midodo begin to examine himself. Cheng Yang knew that Miduo was so excited because he cared about himself. Instead of being angry, he was worried that Miduo would still insist on breaking up. Until Midodo opened his mouth to apologize, the two people completely put aside all quarrels and worries and hugged each other.

Moffy specially apologized to Shen Jiaxi for the Miduoduo incident, but Shen Jiaxi had misunderstood Moffy, and after Bai Xiaoman’s temptation, she was even more reluctant to be an unknown person. Shen Jiaxi completely broke off friendship with Murphy, which made Murphy feel that Shen Jiaxi didn’t know when she had become ignorant of her.

Fang Qian was about to undergo surgery the next day, and Fang Xiaoyu did not dare to leave until late. Fang Qian finally persuaded Fang Xiaoyu to leave, and Fang Weiguo came again out of worry. Fang Qian hopes that if the operation is unsuccessful, his father and brother can live a good life.

On the day of the operation, everyone who cared about Fang Qian came to wait outside the door of the operation room. Naturally, Mo Fei and Tang Mingxuan were no exception. After experiencing such a thing, Fang Xiaoyu promised that as long as Fang Qian’s operation was successful, he would let go of his resentment towards Tang Mingxuan and let go of the past.

After hours of worry, the doctor finally brought good news to everyone. Fang Qian’s operation was very successful and her eyes would soon return to light. During the postoperative recovery period, Fang Xiaoyu and Fang Weiguo rarely clashed again. They surrounded Fang Qian with happy smiles on their faces forever.

Fang Qian’s operation was successful, which made Murphy and Tang Mingxuan no more burdens. They can finally enjoy the world of the two with peace of mind, even if they are just in the office, sleeping on the sofa together feels a kind of happiness.

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