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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 35 Recap

Murphy’s emotions were difficult to control for a while, and she left at Fang Qian’s birthday party, not caring about taking care of anyone. Morphy didn’t care about Tang Mingxuan and Fang Qian’s previous relationship, but she couldn’t help but be angry at Tang Mingxuan’s concealment, even if Tang Mingxuan directly left everyone behind, chasing and apologizing to Morphy would not help.

The birthday party ended before it started. Fang Qian thought about it and decided to accept the reality. At least Tang Mingxuan’s girlfriend is Morphy, who she likes, a beautiful, kind, and she wants to be together desperately.

Fang Qian is willing to choose to believe in Murphy, but Xia Xueling can’t bear that even Fang Qian likes and agrees with Murphy. Regardless of Fang Qian’s condition, Xia Xueling could not be stimulated, and repeatedly led her to suspect that the acquaintance with Murphy was a scam. Xia Xueling believed that Murphy was deliberately approaching Fang Qian in order to swear sovereignty in front of Fang Qian and show off her happiness.

Fang Qian was unwilling to believe in Xia Xueling’s so-called suspicions and accusations, so he was emotionally arguing for Moffey, which led to emotions. Fortunately, Fang Xiaoyu stopped Xia Xueling by his side, and he also believed that Murphy was not such a scheming bad woman in Xia Xueling’s mouth.

Mo Fei was still angry when he returned home, and even cried faintly. Lu Zhu happened to stay in Mo’s house, and only then could he have a chance to sing with Mo Fan. On the surface, the two were condemning Tang Mingxuan for Murphy, but they were explaining every word for him, which did make Murphy calm down.

After waking up, Murphy looked forward to seeing Tang Mingxuan coming to apologize to her. Unexpectedly, Mia suddenly requested to sign a preliminary letter of intent for cooperation immediately. Tang Mingxuan had to turn the front of the car and return to the company. Therefore, Morphy only waited until a disappointment. Seeing Tang Mingxuan’s text message, Mo Fei hoped that she could take the initiative to contact her when she calmed down, and immediately became angry, so she became angry with Tang Mingxuan.

Mia asked Mingyuan to agree to be acquired in the Symphony Yunyan Big Show, only to satisfy them with the results. This time the big show can not tolerate half of the mistakes, and the whole Mingyuan is busy. At this time, because Bai Xiaoman couldn’t find a suitable designer to perfect Murphy’s concept drawing, he directly bought Shen Jiaxi with a lot of money to steal the design drawings.

After calming down for a few days, Fang Qian took the initiative to meet with Murphy. The two people were considerate of each other and became good friends again. They agreed to play with Tang Mingxuan and Fang Xiaoyu after Fang Qian recovered. Murphy also promised that Fang Qian would be accompanied and encouraged in the hospital on the day of the operation. Fang Qian didn’t know the relationship between Fang Xiaoyu and Mo Fei, and thought that Mo Fei’s hesitation was worried about the embarrassment between Tang Mingxuan and Fang Xiaoyu.

The big show is just around the corner, and Tang Mingxuan deliberately asked Xia Xueling to come forward and sign a contract with Fang Xiaoyu in order for Mingyuan and Kaiman to cooperate. Xia Xueling and Fang Xiaoyu signed a three-year cooperation agreement, and Tang Mingxuan invited Xia Xueling to dinner out of gratitude. And Yang Guang deliberately revealed in front of Murphy that Tang Mingxuan was too busy, and he succeeded in making Murphy show some concern and decided to take the initiative to show his favor to Tang Mingxuan.

Murphy was about to take the initiative to buy food to have dinner with Tang Mingxuan, but happened to see Tang Mingxuan and Xia Xueling having a meal together, and they had a very happy conversation. Murphy was in the office alone, eating two dinners alone. She seemed to want to use the meals to vent her disappointment.

All preparations have been settled. Tang Mingxuan took the initiative to give his employees a relaxing holiday, and even Yang Guang had his own private affairs. Tang Mingxuan directly said that Murphy was taken away alone, and he didn’t care about everyone’s kindly ridiculed words. Murphy was still a little unhappy, but it was not easy to wipe Tang Mingxuan’s face in front of everyone.

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