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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 34 Recap

Su Xing came to Sun Xiaoai, and Sun Xiaoai encouraged him not to give up. Even if he started from scratch, it was nothing. This is life. Su Xing told her that she had received a film. Sun Xiaoai was very happy. Su Xing embraced Sun Xiaoai excitedly and thanked her. Liang Yuxuan went for an examination and was told that her current condition was not so good because the blood clot was pressing on the nerve. Su Xing went to meet Pete and met Julie when he left. The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time. When Julie saw that Su Xing was about to join the group, she was very worried that he would be made trouble.

Ye Lang went to see Sun Yihang. Ye Lang was very worried about Liang Yuxuan’s condition. Liang Yuxuan said nothing in front of Sun Yihang, but told Ye Lang that she had a blood clot in her brain. The probability of successful surgery was very small. Liang Yuxuan was not afraid of death before. , Because she felt she was a superfluous person, but now she has an older brother, a family, and Sun Yihang, she is afraid that she will leave. Ye Lang said he would help her, and promised not to tell Sun Yihang.

Su Xing will join the group tomorrow. Sun Xiaoai packed his luggage and arranged all kinds of medicines and instant noodles in an orderly manner. Su Xing was very grateful. Although he did not have many scenes this time, his role was very full, even if he was produced by Jiang. Bullying doesn’t matter anymore. Su Xing said that Sun Xiaoai was the most shining star, and she was by her side to illuminate him. Sun Xiaoai reluctantly told Su Xing to pay attention to safety in the crew, and his words were full of worry. The next day, Su Xing went to the crew with the bus after he went to the crew, and the actors had a lot of discussions. Jiang Zhipian had long been holding back to clean up Su Xing, after all, he had caused such a big somersault before.

Qi Yue deliberately took medicine in front of Qingping, and then asked Qingping to go out to buy mangosteen on a hot day. Julie called the video, Pete and Yu Jiaoqiao came, Qi Yue hung up the phone hurriedly, Yu Jiaoqiao acted like a baby in Qi Yue’s arms, Julie called again without giving up, but Qi Yue did not answer. Jiang produced a mockery when he saw Su Xing. The previous scenes were not sold because of Su Xing’s scandal. During the filming, Su Xing was made difficult by the director several times, and a scene was filmed dozens of times.

After the filming, Su Xing bowed and apologized to everyone. Thinking of Su Xing’s arrogance on the set before, Su Xing felt Some gaps. Qingping came to send water to Su Xing, saying that he was arranged by Qi Yue’s side, and that he and Yan Xi were secretly investigating the drunk driving incident. Su Xing asked them not to investigate. He was indeed drunk driving and deserved to be punished.

Liang Yuxuan came to the hospital to see Sun Yihang. Sun Yihang was ready to be discharged but still pretended to be uncomfortable. Liang Yuxuan felt dizzy before her eyes, but she refused to tell Sun Yihang the truth. Liang Yuxuan said to date Sun Yihang, and Sun Yihang was alive and kicking immediately. Su’s mother gave Su Xing a video, worrying that Su Xing would be bullied in the crew, Su Xing quickly comforted him, and after hanging up, he would film a movie without eating. Su Xing was added to a scene of hanging Weiya. Su Xing couldn’t hang his waist. I asked them to let Wu Xing replace them, but they were rejected. Su Xing could only bite the bullet.

Qingping hurriedly came to Pete, and Pete asked him to tell the director that Su Xing can’t talk to Wia, but Qi Yue said that after joining the group, everything should be listened to by the director. Besides, Su Xing didn’t say anything. Yu Jiaoqiao nodded repeatedly, and Pete immediately changed his mind. Su Xing almost fell down after filming the scene of Diaoweiya. Qingping quickly came to help him. Su Xing was struggling to walk, and Qingping cried with anger.

When Sun Xiaoai sent a message, Su Xing reported good news but not bad news. Qi Yue invited Su Xing to take a rest in the RV. Su Xing refused. Qingping came to give Su Xing ice water. Of course, Qi Yue was very dissatisfied. He Qiyue deliberately made things difficult for Su Xing, and even asked Qi Yue to slap Su Xing. Qi Yue took a mouthful of embarrassment, but he acted harder than anyone else. Su Xing suddenly stopped Qi Yue from exerting himself, and Qi Yue did not catch it for a while. Su Xing and the director quarreled because of this scene. Director Xia, the chief director, felt that Su Xing had said very well and wanted to add drama to him.

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