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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 33 Recap

When Barney died, Pudding was very sad. Sun Xiaoai and Su Xing accompanied him to bury Barney and comforted Pudding that it had returned to his planet. Yelang School returned to the school beforehand and sent a message to ask about the situation. Little Pudding was tired of crying and fell asleep. Su Xing had to go to play drums at night. Sun Xiaoai told him that there was nothing between Ye Lang and she and Ye Lang were just a simple friendship, which was different from Su Xing.

Su Xing approached and asked Sun Xiaoai what the relationship was between them. Just as the kiss was about to pass, the little pudding in Su Xing’s arms woke up, and Sun Xiaoai fled. In the evening, Liang Yuxuan brought Su Xing to the bar. Su Xing was wearing sunglasses. Sun Yihang still recognized him at a glance, and everyone was stupid.

Julie cooked the food and waited for Qi Yue to return home. Julie said she wanted to open her relationship immediately. She was afraid that Pete would stop her. Qi Yue patiently comforted Julie. Julie asked about Mr. Yu’s daughter. Qi Yue said that Yu was always cold. Monthly investor, he is just acting every time. The performance of Su Xing and Liang Yuxuan was broadcast live. Linda admired Liang Yuxuan after seeing it, but found that the drummer was a bit like Su Xing. Qingping denied it, and Qi Yue saw it.

Liang Yuxuan came to deliver tea to Su’s mother. Su’s mother was watching her eldest son Su Qing. He had passed away for three years. Su’s father and Su Qing had a plane crash on the way back to China. Sun Yihang called Liang Yuxuan, and Su’s mother said that Sun Yihang is a good child, and Sun Xiaoai is also a very reliable person. Ye Lang took Sun Xiaoai to watch the painting exhibition and asked her to eat, but these were not Sun Xiaoai’s hobbies. She just wanted to cook and rest at home, so Ye Lang offered to let her and Sun Yihang come to the house for dinner. Sun Yihang said that Su Xing had affected the relationship between him and Liang Yuxuan. He said that Liang Yuxuan is now full of thoughts about becoming a successful singer, and she doesn’t want to fall in love anymore.

Mr. Yu added more than one hundred scenes to Qi Yue. Pete was very satisfied and reminded him not to let Mr. Yu’s daughter know about his relationship with Julie. Sun Yihang complained that Su Xing had affected the relationship development between him and Liang Yuxuan, but he didn’t know that someone had taken a deliberate picture. Qi Yue insisted on asking Qingping to join him in the group, so Pete had to assign him to Qi Yue, but Qingping was actually very happy.

Qingping and Yan Xi met again, he was about to lurch beside Qi Yue, and Yan Xi told him not to act rashly. Sun Xiaoai went to the bar to deliver soup to Su Xing. Unexpectedly, a bunch of reporters came in suddenly, and Sun Yihang hurriedly took Sun Xiaoai and Su Xing to escape. President Yu’s daughter offered to go to Qi Yue’s home to cook for herself. Qi Yue was hesitant at first. Julie sent a message saying that she was going to Tianjin, and Qi Yue immediately took her home.

The reporter kept stuck at the door, so Liang Yuxuan and Sun Yihang had to go through the back door to leave. Sun Yihang gave Liang Yuxuan a necklace, hoping she could give herself a chance to become better, and the atmosphere between the two gradually became harmonious. Sun Yihang insisted on taking Liang Yuxuan to eat supper by himself, but the car suddenly overturned and Sun Yihang was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with Liang Yuxuan, but Liang Yuxuan kept throwing up.

Qi Yue and Mr. Yu’s daughter were watching a movie at home. Mr. Yu’s daughter Yu Jiaoqiao took the initiative to kiss him. Qi Yue said that they had time and sent Yu Jiaoqiao home. Ye Lang asked Liang Yuxuan if she was injured. Although she seems to be fine now, there will be sudden situations. Liang Yuxuan was a little nervous, and Ye Lang persuaded her to do a comprehensive inspection just in case. Mr. Yu found that Yu Jiaoqiao was in a good mood recently, so he planned to take Qi Yue to see the main creator. I heard that the main creator of the show was Producer Jiang, and Qi Yue said that he wanted Su Xinglai to appear as a guest. Pete knew that Jiang Production was definitely holding back on Su Xing, but Su Xing still agreed to make a guest appearance. This was his only chance in such a long time.

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