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Piggy’s Counterattack (2021) 三隻小豬的逆襲

Piggy’s Counterattack (2021)
Other Title: 三隻小豬的逆襲, San Zhi Xiao Zhu De Ni Xi, Piggy’s Counter-attack

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Lin Qingzhen

 SET TV, Piggy’s Counterattack
Release Date: 
Apr 12, 2021 – Jul 2, 2021
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  • Megan Lai as Zhu Xiao Tong
  • Kingone Wang as Lu Jin Zhou
  • Melvin Sia as Shi Bing Lun
  • Mandy Wei as Zhu Xiao Jun
  • Suun Lin as Zhu Xiao Nuo
  • Simon Li as Zhu Zheng Fu

A healing romantic comedy that subverts fairy tales, “The Three Little Pigs ” has fallen from the life of the rich into the ordinary world, reversing life from zero. A rich dad who started from scratch suddenly declared bankruptcy! They fell from the rich life into the ordinary world overnight, and were forced to leave the luxurious comfort zone. The three little pigs moved from the villa “mansion” into the old house “so narrow”, and a family who has forgotten the ordinary life long ago, can Carry the life of rough tea and light rice? How to reverse life from 0?

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