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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 35 Recap

Liu E relied on Yuan Kan. He only hoped that the child in his belly could be born in the peaceful and prosperous age, but Yuan Kan still missed the sixteen prefectures of Yanyun in his heart. Liu E advised Yuan Kan not to rush for quick success, and the emperor does not look at merits and weaknesses. It’s the days when the people of Lebanon are stable. Yuan Kan thought it made sense after hearing it, and promulgated the decision the next day.

But at this time, the Dangxiang dispute revived, and Dangxiang appealed to Da Song for peace, just to prevent Da Song from intervening in the matter. But the Lee brothers betrayed Da Song at the time, and the Korean public advocated fighting again. Kou Zhun would stop it again. Taking this opportunity to annihilate the party, the ministers couldn’t argue, Yuan Kan could only make Su Yijian go to meet the envoys first, and act according to the opportunity. The Korean father then raised the issue of establishing a prince, and the court really had another dispute. Yuan Kan had a headache and had to retreat.

Su Yijian and Liu E quietly drank tea in the garden. Jialing came to ask about Su Yijian about the affairs of the party envoy. But Su Yijian was taboo about the rules of the palace and did not reveal that Jialing, who was born in Hamam, was naturally worried. The emperor would collude with the party to attack Zamo. Watching Jia Lingchang kneel down, Liu E hurriedly helped him up and comforted him. This made Galing feel at ease.

After listening to Master Xing and observing the celestial phenomena, Yuan Kan said that the prince might be disadvantaged, so he personally carved a pendant to pray for the fetus in Liu E and Wan’er. After receiving Yuan Kan’s kindness, Wan’er was very moved, and then picked up the sachet Mu Yi once gave. The love that was once unspoken, has now disappeared. Wan’er gently stroked her bulging belly, Yuan Kan’s Caring makes Wan’er no longer obsessed with Mu Yi, and gently throws the sachet into the stove. Wan’er has also looked forward and is willing to give birth to children for Yuan Kan.

Ding Wei asked Kou to drink. Ding Wei carefully proposed that the new year is approaching and there is a lot of money to be delayed. It turns out that it is a large amount of wood needed to build the palace. Ding said that he wanted to open the canal, so he deliberately and secretly asked whether he could do it privately. Kou Zhun approved. Kou Zhun kept silent, but suggested that all the money for wine today should be taken out by himself. Watching Kou Zhun leave his sleeves, Ding Wei could see that his strategy had failed, but Ding Wei was still unwilling and must find ways to dig out this canal.

Yuan Kan leaned on Liu E happily and listened to the movement of the fetus. Liu E took the opportunity to intercede for Yu Shu. Yuan Kan agreed to Liu E’s pregnancy. Unexpectedly, after Yu Shu learned that Liu E had lifted the ban for herself, she was not grateful, and even murmured at each other again, believing that Liu E was just a fake compassion. Liu E knew that she should not care about Yu Shu, but left a few words of advice. So he left, but Yushu was still gritting his teeth while watching Liu E’s leaving figure.

On this day, the three of Liu E, Wan’er and Yingluo came out to hang out. Zhang Jingzong came to spread a message that they wanted to have a meal with Liu E and Wan’er. The two were very happy and quickly ordered the next person to prepare meals. Liu E decided to go to Xiangguo Temple with Yingluo to pray for blessings, but did not intend to see the urgent footsteps of Cao Li and others. It turned out that the Liao Emperor decided to send troops to fight against Goryeo at this time. Friendly diplomatic relations were used to contain Daliao. Yuan Kan thought this was a wonderful move, so he agreed to it.

Yingluo and Liu’e came to the temple to pray for the Buddha sincerely. After the bell struck, the abbot suggested that the people wanted to see the queen and prayed for the prince by the way. They agreed with kindness. Sure enough, when they left the temple, a large number of people surrounded them. At the beginning, a member of the public claimed that he had eight sons and specially sent nectar to Liu E. Yingluo was puzzled and wanted to stop Liu E, but Liu E was still very supportive. After drinking a bowl of water, the people showed up. Satisfied smile.

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