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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 34 Recap

After the queen canonization ceremony began, Liu E put on a phoenix crown and calmly walked into the hall, with hundreds of civil and military officials lined up beside him, Yuan Kan looked at Liu E under the hall with satisfaction, and hurried over to help him up. Seeing Baiguan bow down, the two finally faced each other hand in hand. Yu Shu was trapped in the palace, heard the sound of the canonization ceremony, resentment rebirth in his heart, toppled all the jewelry, saw the earrings that fell on the ground, the earrings that the lover gave that day, Yu Shu silently picked it up and put it on silently , Looking at herself in the bronze mirror, looking carefully, silently…

The concubines in the harem bowed down to Liu E. In order to celebrate this day, Liu E specially embroidered the sachets and handed them out. Jialing looked at the exquisite sachets and was moved inwardly. When asked about Wan’er’s pregnancy, Jialing couldn’t help but congratulate. Now Wan’er looks dull, she must be pregnant with the prince. Liu E couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed after hearing this, but he still tolerated it and did not criticize.

Yingluo couldn’t help discussing what Jialing said today in front of Liu E, but Liu E no longer wants the birth of the prince, as long as it is the flesh and blood combined with Yuan Kan, she will be satisfied. In the hall, Wang Qinruo mentioned that when this canonization ceremony was held, a group of red butterflies appeared, which must be a good omen. Kou Zhun silently listened to Wang Qinruo’s exaggeration, until Wang Qinruo proposed to build a palace outside the palace for the imperial concubines to raise a baby, Kou Zhun then made a rebuttal. The lovely son’s eager Yuan Kan directly ignored Kou Zhun’s words Ding said that he was responsible for the construction, and Wang Qin smiled if he saw the strategy succeeded.

Yelu stayed behind and took back the head of the traitor Xiao Huhu and reported it to Xiao Chuo. Seeing that King Zhao, who had repeatedly conspired, died under his own hands, he had to get rid of the sister who married the King Zhao and Xiao Chuo. Xiao Chuo shed tears in pain, and suddenly coughed. Emperor Xiao was concerned, but Xiao Chuo couldn’t listen, but asked to see how the soldiers practiced. Watching the Daliao warriors gather, Xiao Chuo’s few speeches boosted morale and greatly increased the loyalty of the soldiers.

Under Xiao Chuo’s order, the soldiers began to drill neatly again. Xiao Chuo handed over the military power to Emperor Xiao at ease, and asked Emperor Xiao not to violate the Liao-Song Covenant. After all things were explained, Xiao Chuo felt weak and collapsed on the seat. When he opened his eyes and looked again, Emperor Xiao and Tie Jing both knelt in front of the bed. Xiao Chuo breathed a sigh of relief and passed away in the palace.

Liu E and Yuan Kan are playing chess. Wan’er is visiting. Everyone is talking and laughing. Zhang Jingzong hurries to bring secret guards. It turns out that it was news of the death of Queen Mother Xiao. Above the court, the ministers discussed that the Liao Dynasty had no future, and the Pan family proposed to fight again. Cao Taifu and the other ministers believed that peace should be cherished, but Kou Zhun also proposed the main battle. Seeing this controversy became chaotic again, Yuan Kan had a headache again and had to retreat temporarily.

Wearing a white dress, Liu E silently offered incense, recalling the days when he was in Liao, he raised his wine glass to respect the Empress Dowager Xiao’s Spirit in Heaven. At night, Yuan Kan was still worried about today’s affairs. Liu E put on a cold coat for him. Yuan Kan couldn’t help asking Liu E’s opinion on whether to fight between the Liao and Song dynasties…

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