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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 33 Recap

Yuan Kan looked at the toys next to King Chu and asked where they got them. Then the people said that they were sent by Wang Qinruo’s long queen Yuying. When Yuan Kan heard it, he couldn’t help but fall into thinking.

Yue’er came to Shangyifang to pick up winter clothes, but Yue’er saw that the style and fabric were not new. Wan’er and Yingluo on the side came, but Xu Shangfu offered the latest winter clothes styles, which made Yue’er jealous and couldn’t help but ridicule. Li Wan’er naturally didn’t want to argue with such a person, and was about to turn around and leave, but Yue’er was reluctant to catch up all the way. Yingluo furiously attacked her heart, and was about to raise her hand to fight back against Yue’er. It was in the chaos that the step beside Yue’er tripped Wan’er, and Wan’er fell off the stairs and fainted to the ground.

After Wan’er woke up, she found that Liu E was sitting in front of the bed. Liu E looked at Wan’er in surprise and whispered that Li Wan’er was pregnant. Yuan Kan also hurried over. The big happy event dazzled Yuan Kan’s head. Yuan Kan hugged Wan’er tightly, and the two were so upset. Liu E on the side turned and left silently after seeing the situation.

Yu Shu was playing the piano in the yard, wondering why Step Yao and Yue’er took the winter clothes but there was no news. The two slowly walked back. Seeing that their faces were not right, Yu Shu was about to ask, Zhang Jing Zong came by order and said that Yue’er and Bu Yao had collided with Li Wan’er’s fetal gas and demoted to the coat room. Hearing that Li Wan’er, who she looked down on, was also pregnant, Yu Shu’s heart was hit by a huge blow, and she suddenly felt that the world was spinning…

The news that Li Wan’er was pregnant quickly spread throughout the palace. Kou Zhun suggested that Li Wan’er should be the queen, but Cao Taifu and the Korean father quickly objected. After everyone disputed, they thought that after waiting for Li Wan’er to give birth, they would decide whether they should be the heir of the emperor. Although he couldn’t sit on the position of queen, Yuan Kan first bestowed Wan’er as a concubine and rewarded countless treasures.

At night, Liu E prepared a table of food, just to wait for Yuan Kan to appear, but Yuan Kan did not show up for a long time. Zhang Jingzong came alone and said that Yuan Kan had gone to Wan’er’s bedroom, and Liu E did not add any more. The accusation was just sitting back on the side of the bed and sewing the clothes for Wan’er’s unborn child. Late at night, Liu E repeatedly couldn’t sleep, took out Zhao Ji’s shroud from the closet, and silently approached and sniffed. Liu E missed his child very much at this time.

The next day, Liu E sincerely knelt before the Buddha, praying for Wan’er and the child to be safe. Yuan Kan came silently, kneeling aside as well. Yuan Kan knew that Liu E had contributed to Wan’er being pregnant this time, but at this time Liu E asked Yuan Kan to give Wan’er a post. But Yuan Kan was not influenced by the appearance of the emperor heir to Liu E’s determination. In Yuan Kan’s mind, the only person in the world who is the mother of ritual is Liu E in front of him.

There was another banquet in the palace, and the concubines gathered. Li Wan’er was late because of dizziness and vomiting. Yushu was sneered and sneered, but Yuan Kan was caring and didn’t blame it. Yu Shu deliberately offered to give gifts to celebrate Wan’er, so he took out the bowstrings he had prepared, and said triumphantly that the bowstrings could turn the fetus in Li Wan’er’s belly into a male. He even said that he checked Wan’er’s birth date, which must be a sign of giving birth to a daughter. After Yuan Kan silently took the bow and crossbow string, he slammed it on the ground and ordered Yu Shu to leave. The unwilling Yu Shu squatted down, but took the opportunity to pull down the tablecloth, causing a table of soup to fall and hit Liu E…

Yuan Kan anxiously waited for the imperial doctor to bandage Liu E, but Liu E was afraid that what Pan Yushu said would affect Yuan Kan’s view of Wan’er, so he explained that Wan’er was sold by her parents since she was a child. It’s nonsense. Yuan Kan understood naturally, but what was worried about was Liu E’s body, so he ordered the imperial physician to check carefully. Who knew that the imperial physician took a pulse and found that Liu E was pregnant at this time. Liu E and Yuan Kan couldn’t help but listen to it. Wet the eye sockets. The child born by the blood of the two will finally come again…

Wang Yuying looked at the toy in her hand and couldn’t help but think of King Chu of that day, with a smile on her mouth. At this time Zhang Jingzong came to the Wang’s house and announced the imperial decree. Yuan Kan ordered Yuying to be appointed as the royal concubine of Chu Wang. After hearing the decree, Wang Qinruo was astonished at the same place. After Zhang Jingzong left, Wang Qinruo was anxious to ask Yuan Kan to take back his will. , But Wang Yuying stopped Wang Qinruo and said shyly that she was willing to marry King Chu.

Liu E was pregnant, so he made an order to send Xin’er back. Cao used the news to tell his father, but Mrs. Cao remained silent and was troubled by the failure of his strategy. Cao used to persuade his father to stop being attached, and now everything complies with God’s will and can no longer be destroyed, but Cao Taifu still leaves.

Pan Bozheng and Pan Liang wanted to visit Yushu, but Yushu made a big mistake on the day of the banquet and has now been banned. The two had no choice but to take a look and shook their heads and left.

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