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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 33 Recap

Bailing asked Tianyue to make a list of cities suitable for in-depth tourism. Tianyue readily responded. Bailing welcomes Tianyue to join. Hope that they will meet new challenges together in the coming days. Tianyue is happy Declare that you will work hard.

When Wang Ziyang and Chen Anni rushed to the bar, Ding Kai was already drunk and collapsed on the ground. The two helped him to the car. On the way, Tianyue called Ding Kai, and Chen Anni hung up after seeing the caller ID. After returning home, Chen Anni told Ding Kai that Wang Ziyang asked his senior to find Ding Kai a new job in Haida. Ding Kai said somehow that he didn’t want to go. Annie was angry that he would really ruin his future if he continued like this. Ding Kai shouted that he had no future at all. Wang Ziyang prevented Annie from speaking any more. He persuaded Ding Kai to say that there is no dead end in life. Ding Kai said that he was going to die. Anne was so angry that she poured a glass of water on Ding Kai’s face and accused him of being so sorry for his father in heaven. If he didn’t solve the problem, he figured it out. After hearing their conversation at the door, Tian Yue left silently. After they left, Ding Kai finally couldn’t control his emotions and cried loudly. He cried and said to his father that he had let him down.

The next day, Ding Kai went to the Maritime University for an interview. Pan Wei told him that he had made such a big mistake on the ship. It is presumed that the university could not be admitted. However, Ding Kai can give Ding Kai a trial on the face that Wang Ziyang strongly recommends. If it fails, he has nothing to do. Ding Kai’s trial lecture was very successful, and enthusiastic applause erupted from time to time in the class.

In the restaurant, Allen heard his colleagues talking about the prince’s meritorious service, and now he is close to Mr. Tang’s daughter. The position of the captain is none other than him. Allen felt unhappy after hearing this.

Bai Ling showed Tianyue the Internet tourism plus charity project, saying that he saw Tianyue’s pure and kindness from the first trip of the travel agency to the unfortunate accident, so the company’s project is very suitable for Tianyue, Tianyue Participate in the development and operation of the entire project. After reading the project report, Tian Yue found that she needed to go to France for half a year. She asked Mr. Bai to think about it.

Alan asked Wang Ziyang for dinner, and pointed out that it was Wang Ziyang who had benefited from their cooperation last time. He reminded Wang Ziyang that it was not necessarily his opportunity for Ding Kai to get off the ship. Because Ding Kai’s disembarkation was the failure of their Chinese. It is impossible for the cruise industry to rely solely on Mr. Tang to get in the circle. Moreover, Chen Fei is Wang Ziyang’s old classmate. Wang Ziyang fooled him this time, maybe he would want revenge. . Wang Ziyang told Alan that there are no eternal friends, only eternal interests.

Ding Kai hasn’t taken the initiative to contact Tianyue for a long time, and Tianyue couldn’t help but wonder if he is not important to him? She finally couldn’t stand the torment of longing and decided to go to Ding Kai after get off work. But I didn’t expect that it was Sister Gu’s birthday that day. Everyone gave gifts, but Tianyue didn’t know about it and couldn’t go to the birthday party.

The female student Doudou stopped Ding Kaisuo to ask for WeChat after class. After Ding Kai refused, she offered to take Ding Kai’s car again and asked to get on the bus without any explanation. Pan Wei walked over and asked Doudou to take a taxi. Doudou Quickly slipped away. Pan Wei warned Ding Kai to know how to be a guest professor when interacting with students, especially female students. Ding Kai explained that he might have misunderstood. Pan Wei said that Ding Kai’s performance at school during this period will directly determine whether he can become a visiting professor. The behavior of the Ocean Ship has always been a string in his heart. He does not want Ding Kai to be ashamed of his teacher’s name. He must always remember to be a teacher in school.

Mr. Tang invited Wang Ziyang to eat out. He hoped that Wang Ziyang would persuade Annie to leave the industry as soon as possible. He also hoped that the two would have a happy result. If they want to be together, Wang Ziyang will have to make some sacrifices. The company has already talked about Wang Ziyang. Nepotism, and an anonymous letter has been sent to the Miami headquarters, he hopes that in tomorrow’s deputy captain selection examination, Wang Ziyang will keep the game, as long as there is a game, there will be a chance of a turnaround.

Ding Kai asked Prince Yang to go to the bar and thanked him for finding a job for himself. Wang Ziyang told him that tomorrow was the selection examination for the deputy captain. After Ding Kai came back, Tianyue prepared a meal and waited for him at home. Kai thought of tomorrow’s deputy captain selection examination. Her heart was mixed. Tianyue talked about the company doing charitable tourism. The boss asked her to go to France for training. She refused. It takes a long time to go half a year, but Ding Kai thinks it’s good, Tian Yue asked angrily if he thinks it took a long time for the two to separate?

It doesn’t matter if he does what he does. Ding Kai said that Tianyue would go if he wanted, and there was no need to not go for himself. Tianyue’s long-term tolerance finally broke out, and Ding Kai’s mood was also very bad. He said that he hopes that at this stage, both of them will focus on work and calm down to see if they need to continue. Tianyue ran to the overpass and cried. Ding Kai’s attitude made her determined to go to France for training.

Sister Gu asked Mr. Bai to report that the employees talked a lot. Why don’t so many dedicated and loyal old employees in the company use Tianyue? Bai Ling said that the company needs potential stocks like Tianyue, not formed veteran cadres. Gu Jie is worried that this matter will distract the company’s military, and President Bai only asks her to execute it.

Mr. Tang announced: Allen and Wang Ziyang entered the final examination of the deputy captain. According to the procedures of the Miami company, a third-party organization will organize the examination. After the examination, their test paper sets will be directly sealed and sent to the Miami headquarters. After Allen and Wang Ziyang have undergone psychological tests and emergency response tests, the third round is crisis judgment. Wang Ziyang remembered Mr. Tang’s explanation and deliberately made the wrong question, and Allen won.

Afterwards, Mr. Tang thanked Wang Ziyang for taking care of the overall situation, saying that he would remember Wang Ziyang’s sacrifice for this, and he would surely return in the future. One year passed quickly. As long as the Asian talents plan to be there, their opportunities will be there. After Chen Anni came in, he comforted Wang Ziyang not to be discouraged. Wang Ziyang pretended to say lightly that his family’s approval is the score he cares about most.

In the parking lot, Allen got into Wang Ziyang’s car. He was very happy that the two had such a way of cooperation. Allen gave Wang Ziyang a watch as a symbol of their friendship. Anne Chen came afterwards. She was very surprised to see the watch. Wang Ziyang lied that Alan had helped him buy a limited edition watch from a friend.

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