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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 32 Recap

Sister Gu told Tianyue that she didn’t need to talk to Director Yang for anything in the future, she could just talk to her directly. Ding Kai contacted a friend to run the freighter, but he did not have a seaman’s certificate, and his friend did not dare to use him. He was sitting in a taxi for hundreds of boring days when he received a call from Lai Kun.

Wu Yue, Fei’er and Ding Xiang got together to chat, and they all felt very shocked when they talked about Ding Kai. On the other side, Hashmi and Captain Fang are also discussing this matter. David Fang regrets that Ding Kai’s career ended here. Hashmi lamented that they felt safe when Ding Kai was there, and David Fang felt the same.

Ding Kai came to the dance studio and saw that Sumi was pregnant, so he congratulated Lai Kun. Lai Shen was very happy. He took out two cans of beer and just wanted to meet Ding Kai. He suddenly thought that Ding Kai could not drink, but Ding Kai told him that he could drink from now on, and he was fired.

Hathaway told Olson that the chief executive adjustment was the most serious accident, which had affected the reputation of the Roja Company and the Ocean, and Grant was very disappointed with the candidate’s successive problems on the Ocean. Olsen was worried about the redeployment plan of the headquarters. Hathaway told him that there was no such thing. Olsen said that if it was specifically for this matter, he did not think it necessary. He could not completely negate the whole plan because of Ding Kai’s dereliction of duty. He knew The captain values ​​Ding Kai’s ability very much, but Ding Kai is not the only one in their reserves. Although the results were cruel to Ding Kai, the Ocean also ruled out possible safety hazards. Hathaway announced that the chief executive officer was officially on duty today, and she didn’t want any mistakes to happen to him again.

After Laishan and Sumi learned about Ding Kai, they both felt sorry for him. Ding Kai told them that on the night he graduated from university, he thought it was the last time he drank, and he couldn’t drink anymore when he got on the boat. He didn’t expect that there would be opportunities later. Laishan always felt that this mistake did not resemble Ding Kai’s. Ding Kai also felt that he was the most cautious person. He swore that he would not have any problems with the chief executive officer. But it turned out to be too arrogant. He didn’t think he deserved to be the chief executive officer. Laishan comforted Ding Kai to take the seaman’s certificate again after two years. Ding Kai said that the seafarer’s certificate can be tested again, but the stain cannot be removed, and no one uses him anymore.

Ding Kai was drunk with Ming Tincture, and Lai Shen called Tianyue after sending him home. Tianyue rushed back from get off work immediately. She heard Laishan say that she learned about Ding Kai’s expulsion. After Ding Kai woke up, Tian Yue asked him what happened, but Ding Kai didn’t want to mention it again. Tianyue grievedly said that she and her parents waited for Ding Kai for more than two hours in the restaurant. She hoped that the two could share happiness and bear the wind and rain. Ding Kai was upset and said that she wanted to stay alone for a while, and Tianyue had to leave in tears.

When Wang Ziyang got off the ship for inspection, he accidentally took out the original receipt. He accidentally found that the receipt was illuminated by a purple lamp and showed a line of letters on it. After returning home, Wang Ziyang checked the meaning of the letters on the Internet, but found nothing. The next day, he called to ask Ding Kai for advice. After the call was connected, he heard Ding Kai’s decadent voice and changed his mind. Then Wang Ziyang called Pan Wei, the head of the Maritime University Department, begging him to find a job for Ding Kai.

Sister Gu asked Tianyue to print a table. Tianyue found that there was a problem with the data in the table. She was called away when she was asking Sister Gu for advice. Tianyue had to modify the data herself.

Tianyue forced herself not to contact Ding Kai, but couldn’t help sending a message to ask Laishan whether Ding Kai’s seaman certificate could be tested again. Laishan told her that he could take another test in two years. Ding Kai was not a weak person. Tianyue then called Ding Kai’s mother.

Yu Wenli was very angry when she saw Ding Kai sleeping at home during the day and the table was in a mess. She told Ding Kai that when his father left, Ding Kai went to put the paper boat by the river alone. For a moment she really wanted to go with Ding Kai’s father, but watched Ding Kai put the paper boat there alone, then Being lonely, she told herself that she must live strong, because she is a mother. Life is like this. We have to accept whatever it wants to give you and take away. Ding Kai hoped that his mother would give himself some more time, and he would be fine if he adjusted. Yu Wenli believes that her son will be a very good person for anything other than being a seaman. He should get out of his father’s shadow as soon as possible. If his father is alive, he doesn’t want to see Ding Kai’s decadence now, he wants Ding. Kai has a happy and sunny life. Yu Wenli believes that her son can tide over any difficulties.

Mr. Tang reported to Grant that he proposed the Asian talent plan and he is willing to bear all the consequences. He knew that Ding Kai’s departure made their Asian talent plan less convincing. Grant expressed dissatisfaction with the repeated problems in the Asian Talent Program, because Mr. Tang is very clear about how difficult it is to establish a market in the company’s training of senior Asian seafarers, but it is easy to shake. Mr. Tang said he would consider it carefully. Annie heard the conversation between Daddy Tang and the headquarters at the door. She was worried that this matter would affect Daddy Tang’s position in the company, and Mr. Tang said that she could handle it.

After get off work, Wang Ziyang blocked Chen Annie in the parking lot and wanted to invite her to dinner. Anne flatly refused. She reminded Wang Ziyang not to be passionate. He is not that important in her heart, and she hates stalkers, Wang Ziyang. Saying that he has his own principles and standpoints in doing things, he will not give up Annie. At this time, Wang Ziyang received a call from Pan Wei, informing him that Ding Kai could go to Haida for a test tomorrow. Annie was very happy to hear the news. At this time, Wang Ziyang received a call from the bar waiter, saying that Ding Kai was drunk and fighting in the bar.

Sister Gu asked Tianyue if she had changed a piece of data last time and wanted to take her to see the boss. Tianyue thought that there was a mistake in work, and only after she went there, she found out that the boss of their company was the last time she taught at Baohua Travel Agency. Bailing in the class. Bai Ling told Tianyue that she was admitted without an interview because he recognized Tianyue on the first day. He was very impressed with Tianyue when he was on the cruise. Bai Ling asked Tianyue to give himself travel advice. He wanted to give himself a long vacation. Tianyue suggested that whether it is to appreciate the scenery or relax, put yourself in it from a different angle and fully integrate into it.

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