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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 31 Recap

Mother stroked Wang Ziyang’s work clothes and praised that the fabric was so good. Wang Ziyang handed her mother a set of house procedures and told her that she had paid the deposit. After returning home, his father argued with his mother that his son is really good, and bought her a house. Is this going to take her to live alone? Mother was silent, Wang Ziyang lifted his luggage and left without saying a word.

Yu Wenli couldn’t stare at her son enough, saying that she would make up for the amount that she hadn’t seen him in the past few years. She asked Ding Kai why the two little girls who used to come to their house were not here anymore? Marriage matters must hurry, because no one knows which one will come first, the accident or tomorrow. Ding Kai smiled and told her mother that she would go out on a date now. Her mother told her son not to go on two boats. If he chooses the right one, he can take good care of him.

Ding Kai asked Tianyue out to go shopping, but Tianyue was still thinking about preparing a resume to find a job. The two saw the roadblock workers placing warning signs on the road. Tianyue enthusiastically came forward to help. The worker who worked underground in the manhole was actually his father. This scene was seen and filmed by a reporter on the side. Tianyue lied that he had a successful interview and that he would go to work tomorrow. Dad was very happy.

Ding Kai asked Tianyue to invite him to dinner, Tianyue asked him to eat Shaxian snacks. When waiting for the meal, Ding Kai helped Tianyue revise his resume. He suggested that Tianyue write down his experience as a team leader at Baohua Travel Agency, but Tianyue was unwilling. Facing the past, Ding Kai advised her to let go of some things, and this was also her precious work experience, Tian Yue was relieved.

Wang Ziyang showed Chen Anni the most beautiful selected photos from Shanghai. Chen Anni felt sad when seeing Ding Kai, Tianyue and his father in a group photo.

He Cai invited Tianyue to dinner and told her that she had just picked up two VIP groups. She brought one and the other Tianyue. Tianyue refused, complaining that Ding Kai had told He Cai about her job search. Tianyue said that he couldn’t run when he was tired, and he didn’t have such a strong sense of responsibility to be responsible for the safety of so many people. He Cai sincerely apologized to Tianyue, and thanked him at the same time, saying that she had misunderstood Tianyue before. She was very talented in this business. If she were her own, she might not have the courage to act like Tianyue at the time.

Wang Ziyang carefully prepared a table of delicacies at home and invited Chen Anni to dinner. Chen Anni came but did not appreciate it, but she did not refuse Wang Ziyang’s tenderness. Wang Ziyang pointed out that every time Annie came to see herself for Ding Kai, Annie said that some people would do nothing in her heart. Kai is not clever at making bait. Wang Ziyang refuted such a lame reason for going to the appointment. Chen Annie came instead of immediately stopping the loss. It has already shown that they are the same people, but he wanted more than Annie’s people, but also her heart. He offered to send Annie home. .

Dad thought that Tianyue had gone to work in his apprentice’s company, and had to take his daughter to the door to thank him at night. Tianyue really had no choice but to tell his father that those companies didn’t hire him at all. Dad was so lost, he realized that he might be really old, and he would have to rely on Tianyue himself in the future.

Olsen tells everyone: The anchor claws of the cruise ship are now hooked on the reef, and the hair chain and the hair claws are mixed together and cannot lift the anchor. Hathaway asked everyone for advice. Allen suggested to lift the anchor by force. Wang Ziyang suggested to send sailors to dive into the water to clean the sand manually. Ding Kai pointed out that this method is too dangerous and the impact will not be possible once the claws break free. Imagine, and it is only half an hour before leaving the port. If the economic loss caused by the delayed departure is an astronomical figure, he recommends abandoning the anchor. Hathaway finally adopted Ding Kai’s suggestion: abandon the anchor and leave the port. She praised Ding Kai for not only making decisive decisions, but also very technically.

Olsen angrily called Francis and Allen to the office. He accused Allen of not seizing the opportunity and gave Ding Kai the upper hand. The gap between him and Ding Kai was too big, and Allen was also emotional. When Francis saw this, he quickly pushed Allen out. He reminded Allen: Ding Kai is a very powerful opponent. Morgan has already disembarked. Allen now needs to fight alone to meet the next round of assessment. Don’t let Olsen down.

Wang Ziyang ran into Olsen at the restaurant. Why didn’t others think of the suggestion to abandon the anchor? Olsen said that it was not that no one thought about it, but that no one dared to mention it. Wang Ziyang said that Ding Kai was in the limelight this time. Olsen agreed that he gave the Chinese a face. Wang Ziyang pretended to inadvertently and said that Ding Kai went to Kuala Lumpur last month and said that a company had a new route. , Olsen was taken aback. When Francis heard the news, he said anxiously that Blue Star had 40% of the shares in this company in Kuala Lumpur. They could no longer wait and see the changes. Olsen immediately called a friend of the Kuala Lumpur Port Authority.

Tianyue came to a company for an interview. The strange thing was that a supervisor Yang did not arrange her interview and directly arranged a computer and work place for Tianyue. After she came back from a busy schedule and asked for Tianyue’s resume, she said that the company’s requirement was speed, and Tianyue came to work immediately. Tianyue immediately sent the good news to Ding Kai excitedly and asked him to have a big dinner in the evening.

When disembarking, Ding Kai was informed by Allen that he could not disembark. Olsen reported to Hathaway that the stop valve was loose, and now this matter must be thoroughly investigated to avoid future troubles. Ding Kai explained to Olsen that he had just inspected the stop valve an hour ago and there was absolutely no problem. Olsen reminded Ding Kai that if he proactively admits his mistakes, he can be tolerantly dealt with in punishment, demoted to an ordinary employee, and will not be held accountable. . Ding Kai was sure that this incident would never happen, and he made relevant records at that time, and Wang Ziyang showed Ding Kai to watch the surveillance. Olsen reported to Hathaway that a stop valve could cause millions of dollars in damage, and Wang Ziyang had already watched the video. They had to find the person responsible, and Hathaway had to ask Ding Kai to come over.

Wang Ziyang reported: The video showed that Ding Kai was indeed the last person to enter the cabin before landing. Olsen asked Ding Kai if he had anything to explain, Ding Kai was speechless, and Hathaway said that Jin Kai had disappointed herself too much.

Tianyue and her parents could not wait for Ding Kai in the restaurant. She absently accompanied her parents to find Ding Kai after dinner, but she did not wait for him. Wang Ziyang sent Ding Kai downstairs, saying that he absolutely believed that Ding Kai had not neglected his duty. Ding Kai said with emotion that although others had opinions on Wang Ziyang, he believed that Wang Ziyang was a very kind person. Ding Kai returned home and silently ironed all his work clothes into his backpack.

The next day Ding Kai went through the resignation procedures, and the company notified him that his seaman certificate had also expired. Ding Kai handed in all his work clothes and bid farewell to Mr. Tang after completing the formalities. Mr. Tang said frankly that he did not expect this to happen to Ding Kai. Ding Kai said that he knew many things before that Mr. Tang was very upholding himself, but this Once he was very sorry for letting Mr. Tang down. Mr. Tang said that Ding Kai was sorry for himself. It was he who let him down. He was sorry for his many years of hard work and dedication. Although Ding Kai overturned the boat on this trivial matter, he hoped that Ding Kai’s future path would be more stable.

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