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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 15 Recap

She was relieved to wake up and go home to prepare food, and to celebrate Xiwang’s entry into such a good educational institution. Lin Yunyun knelt on the ground and wiped the floor, always talking to Gu Jiawei about finding a teacher for Xinyue. Gu Jiawei sat on the sofa and checked the computer. Speaking of the maternal and infant store’s complaint, Lin Yunyun agreed.

Although she and the waking place are not good, the harmful materials in the maternal and infant store’s decoration make people feel hateful. Gu Jiawei turned around and had an idea. He wanted to set up an educational institution. After all, this is a sunrise industry. Ask Lin Yunyun what he thinks. Lin Yunyun was very excited when she heard that she thought she was going to be the boss’s wife. Gu Jiawei said that if she became the future, she would be a legal person.

Wake up to the kindergarten to pick up Xiwang and leave school. Li Feifan tells Xiwang that today is Shen Xiaoyan’s birthday and invites him and Wake to eat at home. Wake up to see that Li Feifei is very smart, and can make toys out of used boxes, so that he will be ridiculed. Shen Xiaoyan quickly made a few home-cooked dishes and prepared a birthday cake, when she suddenly received a call from Lin Yunyun. Lin Yunyun didn’t even ask, so she asked Shen Xiaoyan to bring herself an order. Shen Xiaoyan wanted to tell Lin Yunyun that she was off work, but Lin Yunyun didn’t finish listening, so she hung up the phone. Awakening told Shen Xiaoyan not to go, anyway, it was not an urgent matter, and it was her birthday today.

Gu Jiawei was a little unhappy to see that there were only two dishes on the table. Lin Yunyun has been using her mobile phone to find professionals on the recruitment website to take charge of educational institutions. Gu Jiawei sees her energetic, and asks her to worry about decoration. Lin Yunyun is very happy and thinks she can decorate according to her liking. Suddenly someone rang the doorbell. Lin Yunyun went to open the door and saw that she had come back to deliver food. She laughed at her as a full-time wife and became a party, and deliberately said that the food she delivered was not good. Su Xing didn’t care about Lin Yunyun, and didn’t say a few words with her.

Gu Jiawei gave Shen Zihao’s phone number to Lin Yunyun and let her be solely responsible for the decoration. Shen Zihao contacted Su Xing and asked her to come back to help Vertex do the education decoration design, so that she can be brought back to life at a fixed point, and her return is just around the corner. Assistant Xiao complained to the wake-up call secretly, thinking that Boss Mo was too weird and hoped that he would come back to rescue him soon.

Shen Zihao made an appointment to wake up to the Japanese food store, and discussed the decoration with Su Xing. The two talked about the division, and waited for Lin Yunyun to come over by the way. He went out to call Xi Bin in the middle of his awakening, and told him what to learn from Xiwang, and asked him to help him with arithmetic problems. When she woke up and returned to the door of the private room, she heard the voice of a familiar woman, but she didn’t expect it to be Lin Yunyun, so she quickly turned and left.

When Shen Zihao saw that Wake had not come back, and received the message of Wake, Wake complained that the decoration was Lin Yunyun’s. Shen Zihao only knew that Su Xing and Lin Yunyun knew each other, but they had grievances. Awakening tells Shen Zihao not to tell Lin Yunyun that the other designer is her name, otherwise this job will definitely be yellow. Shen Zihao and Su Xing had been chatting on WeChat, and did not pay attention to the couple package recommended by the waiter. He directly agreed to this. As a result, when the meal came up, many of them were exclusively for couples, and there were lotteries. Lin Yunyun and Shen Zihao felt very embarrassed. When the lottery was available, Shen Zihao asked Lin Yunyun to draw, but Lin Yunyun did not draw. He had to draw by himself. Unexpectedly, he won the first prize, which was a couple hot spring package.

Wake up and accompany him to Xiwang to Miying attending class. Seeing that Xiwang was always answering questions in the video, I was very happy. I didn’t expect that the other children in the class were in small classes, only Xiwang was in the big class. Su Xing came out of the bathroom and ran into Shen Zihao. Shen Zihao hoped that Su Xing could take over the decoration, so he could come forward and let Su Xing be the designer behind the scenes. Wake up does not know why she has to be. Shen Zihao sat down and expressed his heart. He hoped Wake up could return to the workplace. He also fancy Wake up a competitor who is flying in the workplace.

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