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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 25 Recap

Jiajia is working at the shopping counter, and her makeup is different from before. Compared with before, she is more fresh and elegant. Even Shi Tao was surprised and admired again and again. In fact, Shi Tao is very curious about why Jia Jia sold the bar. After all, it was her painstaking effort. However, Jia Jia said that she was used to feasting and feasting, and it was time to return to the ups and downs of life.

Seeing Jiajia’s extremely obvious change, Shi Tao decided to prove his ability to his mother, no matter what setbacks and difficulties he would face next, he would not give up lightly. After this pleasant chat, the two agreed not to go out to eat next time. They could go to Shi Tao’s rental house and taste his craftsmanship.

He Daye accompanied Zhang Meng to the TV shopping station when he saw the host who was in charge of selling swimsuits quit on strike. The reason was that he wanted to sit on the floor and raise the price to increase his remuneration. Jiajia couldn’t understand the other party’s playing big cards, so she directly pissed him off, but temporarily couldn’t find the host at the scene, so she could only ask Zhang Meng for help and ask him to come on stage for a cameo.

Originally, Zhang Meng wanted to refuse. After all, he had no experience at all, but He Daye was very confident in him, and the tights Zhang Meng wore were too revealing, so he asked Jiajia to find a set of clothes first. Jiajia asked why Daye was Zhang Meng’s girlfriend, and immediately changed her name to her sister-in-law, and then hurriedly contacted the director to explain the situation.

In the end, Zhang Meng stood on the stage nervously with the encouragement of He Daye. Since he was the host for the first time, in addition to saying the advertisement according to the prompt board, he had to respond to the promotion of swimsuits on the spot. It was normal at first, but Zhang Meng was too excited, but he didn’t say a few words. An accident fell into the pool on the spot, making him embarrassed on the spot.

After leaving the shopping counter, Zhang Meng felt very embarrassed and hid in the room alone and did not dare to come out. He Daye brought the food upstairs, comforted him, and then showed the video to Zhang Yangyang, who was unaware of it. Zhang Yangyang thought that his father was funny, but he didn’t mean to laugh at all. He Daye knew that he and Zhang Meng had a deep relationship, so he encouraged him to express his love with his father, and Zhang Meng was moved to the stunned.

Jiajia visited Shi Tao’s newly rented house, except for the word “snail house”, it is difficult to describe its essence. Shi Tao showed off his cooking skills in front of Jia Jia and made a large table of food. While Jia Jia felt incredible, she couldn’t help but curious to ask him why he did not invite He Daye to move. However, seeing Shi Tao seemed unspeakable, he did not continue. To ask.

Although Zhang Meng was defeated in the first battle at the shopping station, his live broadcast effect spread all over the Internet, and even became an Internet celebrity by mistake. The TV station wanted to invite Zhang Meng back to continue hosting the show, but Zhang Meng was worried that he would make a fool of himself, so he didn’t dare to agree. He Daye believed that this was a good opportunity for Zhang Meng’s career, so he replaced Zhang Meng in bargaining with Jiajia, not only to get him double compensation for the host and model, but also to win the money from the manufacturer’s representative.

Jiajia was not He Daye’s opponent at all, so she was very passive, but had to agree. It wasn’t until Jiajia left Zhang Meng’s house scoldingly and happened to meet Shi Tao head-on, that she knew that the vampire woman was actually the rumored He Daye. Shi Tao defended He Daye, Jiajia defended Zhang Meng, and they were incompatible with him. As a result, Shi Tao was jealous, and Jiajia felt different. After the conversation, Shi Tao planned to resign from He Daye Studio, otherwise it would not be convenient to confess.

At the same time, because of the previous incident, Lin Weina completely forged a beam with He Daye, preparing to cause trouble for the wedding He Daye was preparing. On the day of the class reunion, He Daye dressed up and praised Zhang Meng for being handsome, and he would definitely amaze the audience. Little did they know that the classmates who had already arrived at the scene squeezed out He Daye from behind. Liang Sisi pretended to be kind, reminding everyone not to expose the fiancé’s running away in front of her.

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