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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 24 Recap

Seeing the director yelling at Zhang Meng, He Daye’s violent temper could no longer be restrained, and he directly quarreled with the director, then dropped the advertisement sheet and took Zhang Meng away. He Daye feels a little guilty about the advertising this time, but Zhang Meng doesn’t care, and is determined to work hard.

To reassure He Daye, Zhang Meng said that he had already looked for Jiajia and might continue to do his job in the future. He Daye was very pleased to see Zhang Meng knowing to take the initiative to attack. As a result, when the car was turning, he suddenly felt nauseous and nauseous, mistakenly believing it was motion sickness.

Seeing He Daye’s face pale, he wanted to take her to the hospital, but He Daye felt that it was a trivial matter and didn’t want to trouble anymore. Zhang Meng couldn’t make sense of He Daye, so he simply cooks some porridge for her to nourish her stomach. Although He Daye was not used to being so light, she still picked up the spoon and drank silently. At this time, Zhang Meng received a call from Jiajia and learned that he would be invited to participate in the live broadcast of the shopping station tomorrow as a model.

Since Zhang Meng hadn’t been in contact with this industry for a long time and was somewhat nervous, he invited He Daye to accompany him. He Daye happily agreed, but as soon as the voice fell off, she actually received a call from her university classmate Liang Sisi. At the beginning, Liang Sisi was regarded as a class flower in the school. She was beautiful and jealous. She had to compete with He Daye in everything. Now she is married to a wealthy businessman and Mrs. Kuo. She suddenly came to Shanghai to organize a class gathering and invited He Daye. participate.

Since He Daye’s marriage escaped by a scumbag, this incident has spread throughout the circle of classmates. He Daye knew that the reunion of classmates was a shura field. If she went to the meeting alone, she would have to face the ridicule of a group of wolves, tigers and leopards, so she asked Zhang Meng to pretend to be her boyfriend, just to piss off Liang Sisi of the Foreign Trade Association.

Lin Weina asked her subordinates to investigate the cause of the accident at the previous wedding, and found out that He Daye personally organized the previous wedding, so she believed that she did it deliberately. At the same time, Shi Tao’s mother knew that her son’s rebellious mentality was serious, and always preaching was useless, so she proposed to let him move out of the house, learn to be independent, and even confiscated credit cards and other financial sources. Shi Tao thought that his mother suddenly changed and was very happy. After he settled down in the house, he went to the bar to find Jiajia to share the matter. Unexpectedly, Jiajia had already given the bar to a friend. Now it seems that he has gone to the TV shopping station. To work.

Liu Dan’s face was black all the time, and Luo Chang knew that she was having a temper, but he really couldn’t figure out that this little thing could cause her to react so much. It was not until Liu Dan talked about the origin of the car and the various things his mother had had before his death, and finally understood why Liu Dan was sad. Luo Chang was not good at comforting others, so he simply took her to a hot air balloon.

Compared with He Daye’s previous attitude, Liu Dan was completely opposite to her, and looked particularly excited. A machine malfunctioned during the ascent of the hot air balloon. Liu Dan hugged Luo Chang tightly, thinking that he would be killed on the spot. The only regret was that he did not have a boyfriend. In order to ease Liu Dan’s emotions, Luo Chang casually promised to be her boyfriend if everything goes well.

Sure enough, the hot air balloon descended steadily, and Liu Dan and Luo Chang were both safe. They sat on the benches, feeling that they were lucky to be reborn after a disaster. Liu Dan asked Luo Chang to fulfill his promise, no matter how he reacted, he kissed him directly, formally establishing the relationship between the lovers, cuddling each other, and looking at the distant sky.

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