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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 20 Recap

When everyone heard the sound, they rushed into the bedroom, only to see Commander Duan with his eyes wide open, standing still, it was obvious that he had encountered the same kind of sex ghost. However, he killed countless enemies. He was supposed to be an iron-clad hero, but now he has also fallen into this weird thing. Not only the concubine in the family, but also the old lady and janitor at home will not let it go. It is really a man and woman. eat. Commander Duan thought about it in the room until dawn, and immediately arranged two teams to stand by day and night, and explained the matter to Jin Xingjian.

Since Xiaopi returned to his hometown to serve his parents, Jin Xingjian was left alone in Huaxuezhai. Lian Xuan occasionally came to deliver meals to accompany him for a chat. By the way, the days without Xiaopi were particularly boring. Ye Ming asked Jin Xingjian and couldn’t help but go to visit, but he stood at the door and hesitated for a long time, and still didn’t knock on the door to enter. Just when he wanted to leave, he heard Jin Xingjian’s voice from the courtyard and invited her to gather.

Ye Ming talked about Yu Shaobai, guilty that he had changed his fate against the sky and brought him back to life, experiencing the pain of death over and over again, and finally fell into the demon way. Originally, Ye Ming wanted to pursue the truth, but now he is a little scared, afraid that the more he knows, the truth is far more cruel than he imagined, especially in his heart there is only guilt and self-blame, and no love at all. Jin Xingjian knew that Ye Ming believed everything Yu Shaobai said, including those lies that turned black and white, but in order to make Ye Ming feel at ease, he would rather help find the nine-tailed fox inner alchemy.

Knowing that there was a haunted incident in the Commander’s Mansion, Lianxuan took Xiaoqing to visit. Although Lieutenant Li was dubious, Commander Duan didn’t pay attention to Lianxuan at all, especially when he saw that he had a girlfriend as a mage. Think this person is a liar.

The aunts and wives in the house were frightened by the incident. They couldn’t get enough energy. Commander Duan was so annoyed that he went for a walk in the garden alone, only to see a tall maid lying by the pool drinking water. The behavior is extremely weird. Although the maid dressed up like a servant, she was good-looking and innocent. Commander Duan became lustful and tricked her into the room.

Through understanding, Commander Duan knew that this woman was called Awan, and apart from her interest in eating, there was nothing else that could arouse concern. Commander Duan wanted to accept Ah Wan as the fourth wife, but he didn’t expect Ah Wan to find that his motives were impure. He turned his face on the spot, and saw that the commander who had experienced many battles was beaten under him by a woman.

Although Commander Duan was covered in bruises, he was not angry. He had never seen such a hot and spicy woman. He couldn’t help being a little obsessed, and willingly sought food. After enjoying a supper, Ah Wan finally smiled, thanking Commander Duan for taking him in, but did not let him get close.

Ye Ming wanted to inquire about the news from the Fox Clan, and was almost tricked. Fortunately, Jin Xingjian made a move in time. The one-eyed general followed Yu Shaobai to report the situation, indicating that Jin Xingjian did not prevent Ye Ming from searching for the nine-tailed fox inner alchemy. Yu Shaobai guessed the reason, so he let the one-eyed general continue to follow him.

Recently, there were frequent loss of chickens in nearby villages. Ye Ming looked for clues and happened to see a young girl who was caught stealing chickens, so he helped her pay. Ye Ming saw that the girl was the incarnation of a fox, and then asked her about the nine-tailed fox. Unexpectedly, the girl was stunned and immediately shook her head.

The girl was called Bai Ajiu, and she fell in love with Lu Jinzhi, a man from the same village, but she couldn’t fix her natural chicken-eating problem and would often steal live chickens from nearby villages. Every time Lu Jinzhi corrects Bai Ajiu’s theft, she always finds various reasons to justify it, even this time it is no exception.

The three aunts became more and more greedy, even spying on the treasures in the Commander’s Mansion. Commander Duan saw their careful thinking, but did not care too much. On the contrary, Ah Wan did not allow them to speak bad things about Commander Duan in private, and could not help but teach a lesson. Because of Ah Wan’s righteousness and kindness, Commander Duan became even more infatuated with her, so he wanted to send the three aunts back to her hometown, and only spent his life with Ah Wan from then on.

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