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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 19 Recap

Because of Jin Xingjian’s reminder, Ye Ming became more and more suspicious of Shaobai, so he rummaged through boxes and cabinets looking for a seal while he was away. It happened that Yu Shaobai came back from outside, but he was not angry, but made Ye Ming a little guilty. Even so, Ye Ming couldn’t help but follow Yu Shaobai. He didn’t know that Yu Shaobai had already expected her to be behind him, so he deliberately acted as a one-eyed general and put on a look of infatuation.

Ye Ming believed that it was true, and waited for Yu Shaobai’s return at home alone, asking him about the truth ten years ago, and thus learned that he could let Yu Shaobai live forever, causing the other party to feel death constantly. In order to avoid Yu Shaobai’s death, Ye Ming decided to find the nine-tailed fox inner pill to preserve his longevity. However, nine-tailed foxes are rare in the world. They have practiced for hundreds of years. In addition, other fox races do not want outsiders to commit crimes, so they kept silent about it.

Zaohejing heard that Jin Xingjian had been killed, and in order to be able to verify the truth, she went to the vicinity of Huaxuezhai to inquire, but unexpectedly met Lianxuan. Knowing the purpose of Jujube Jing, Lian Xuan directly subdued him, and then carried him to the basement, wanting Jin Xingjian to deal with it. Jujube Jing found that Jin Xingjian was intact, and immediately explained that he was not malicious, and by the way told that a new seal had been found.

Commander Duan returned from the drill and brought back a large number of treasures from the ancient tomb outside the city. He was planning to ask Jin Xingjian to come and help appraise the treasure, but when he found that Bai Jingang had violated his instructions, he couldn’t help but become angry. Just as the Commander Duan was preparing to punish Bai King Kong, he did not expect Jin Xingjian to visit suddenly and expose all of Bai King Kong’s evil deeds in public.

Although Platinum has a strong background, Commander Duan is by no means a vegetarian. He asked Adjutant Li to take off Platinum’s official hat and escorted him to prison, where he will be severely punished after the incident. Bai Jingang knew that offending Commander Duan would never have good results, so he could only pin a ray of life on the one-eyed general. Sure enough, that night, the one-eyed general came to see him in the prison, but this time he was not here to deploy a plan, or to rescue him, but to treat him as an abandoned son, and now he is useless and needs to be killed.

Since Jin Xingjian helped Commander Duan Jianbao, Commander Duan’s house has been in a mess. First, the second wife encountered strange things, and always felt that something got under the covers, followed by the eldest wife and the third wife, and even the maidservant at home. , None of them are spared, and for the time being called it a sex ghost.

Commander Duan naturally didn’t believe in this kind of strange power, so he decided to take the risk and let him catch this pervert himself. At first, Commander Duan hadn’t found any strange problems. After all, there were many soldiers patrolling at the house. Even flies and mosquitoes could not fly in. If this happens again, I am afraid there is no other reason besides hell. can explain.

At the same time, Lian Xuan chatted with Jin Xingjian about the seal, wondering whether the seal was among the treasures. However, Jin Xingjian said that no signs of seals were found in the batch of treasures. Instead, he ran into a mysterious monster. However, the other party ran too fast and had not paid attention to the background of the calendar, so he planned to go to the commander’s residence tomorrow.

When everyone returned to the room to rest, Commander Duan was also waiting in the room for ghosts to come and go, but he waited and waited until he almost fell asleep, vaguely feeling something got into the quilt. The first time the quilt was lifted, nothing was noticed. The second time it was still normal. After repeating this, Commander Duan picked up the pistol angrily and stood in the room with an incompetent growl.

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