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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 8 Recap

On the way to the dinner, Xu Minjie took the initiative to talk about the identity of this customer and the difficulties that he could not get rid of. Shen Ruoxin understood the meaning and tried his best to help the customer Mr. Luo. During this period, Mr. Luo colluded with the waiter and planned to find an opportunity to give Xu Minjie a gift, but Xu Minjie had already ordered the driver to refuse it.

Just as the driver and the gift-giver were in a stalemate, fortunately, Shen Ruoxin showed up in time and sent the other person away in a few words. Xu Minjie was very satisfied with this. After finishing the dinner, she took Shen Ruoxin to buy a dress and asked her to attend the reception with a beautiful image. Several men praised Xu Minjie for finding beautiful and capable subordinates as soon as he arrived in Shanghai, and those female companions brought by men also surrounded Shen Ruoxin and asked questions and compared with each other.

Shen Ruoxin’s education is not as good as them, and she is also unwilling to focus on brand-name clothing, because this kind of vanity circle makes her feel uncomfortable, so she simply ran to the bathroom to hide. Because the waitress spilled the red wine, Mandy made a big noise at the scene. The manager wanted to calm the anger of the customers and wanted the waiter to suffer dumb loss. As a result, Mandy still refused to give up until Shen Ruoxin came forward to mediate.

Seeing that Shen Ruoxin helped Mandy wear a scarf to hide the wine stains, so as to avoid embarrassment for everyone, Xu Minjie admired her one more point, so after the reception, he personally sent her home. At the same time, Qi Xiao found that Shen Ruoxin had come back from socializing, and immediately pretended to take out the trash, so as not to be seen by her and waited downstairs. The next morning, Shen Ruoxin changed his usual clothes and sent the refunded dress money to Xu Minjie’s account.

On the day when it was the point of the moon, Shen Ruoxin temporarily received Xu Minjie’s notice that she was going to other provinces on business. She could only find a way to discuss the change of shift with Chief Li, so that Qi Xiao did not work alone. President Li couldn’t stop Shen Ruoxin from going on a business trip, but he wouldn’t help her arrange shifts. Shen Ruoxin searched everyone in the administration department, but no one responded, and they all found all kinds of reasons to shirk. In order to make Shen Ruoxin feel at ease on business trips, Qi Xiao took all the work on himself.

For several days in a row, Song Ziyan and her nephew, Xiaoxin, got along fairly happily. In addition, when she heard from the gym that older women were discussing childbirth, she couldn’t help but feel a little moved, so she simply went online to investigate relevant information. Seeing the search records, Zou Cheng was immediately happy, and immediately went to discuss with Song Ziyan about having a baby, and wanted to take her for a comprehensive examination.

However, Zoucheng temporarily received a call from the company, Song Ziyan went to the hospital alone, and suddenly heard other pregnant women discussing various symptoms of pregnancy, which made her want to have a baby, but her heart was a little shaken. In particular, Song Ziyan is older and faces many risks. Song Ziyan called Shen Ruoxin to ask her opinion, but Shen Ruoxin believed that before giving birth, she should think clearly, including the responsibilities that she should bear in the future, instead of being swayed by others.

Xu Minjie heard what she said to Song Ziyan in the airport waiting room and admired this independent and wise woman even more, so she took the initiative to upgrade her economy class to first class, claiming that she needs to explain some work matters before the meeting, and sit together to facilitate communication . At this time, Qi Xiao was very busy in the office, and occasionally took out his free time to miss Shen Ruoxin’s days by his side, and then couldn’t help calling and pestering her to talk on the phone.

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