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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 23 Recap

When everyone at Little Bird was discussing the name of the new tableware, a rough man appeared at the door of the store, and it was Jiang Wushu who had disappeared for six years! Make Xia Zhi dumbfounded! At the banquet, Xiao Tsuta thanked his partners for their support and blessings. However, Xia Zhi and Yi Nan were not quite right. They were drunk. Wu Shu, who was staying at Yi Nan’s house, saw Yi Nan from the overturned cabinet The man received the picture of Xia Zhi…

Xiao Su’s mother told his father that he was seriously ill and hoped to see her daughter before he lost his sight. Xiao Su struggled with the hatred and resentment towards his father when he grew up, but forgot the love he had when he was a child. Lin Chuan wanted to but I understand that the name of the new tableware is actually Xiao Tsuta’s memory when he was a child. The righteous man learned that Wu Shu had come back because of his father’s cancer. He was angry that Wu Shu only used Xia Zhi to prove his personal charm.

Instead, Wu Shu ridiculed the righteous man for six years, and Xia Zhi still did not fall in love with him. Xiao Tsuta and Lin Chuan wanted to decide to bring new tableware and let Xiao Tsu’s father appraise it. Xiao Tsu’s father gave the tableware a passing score, but hurriedly filled the plate with food… Xiao Tsu and his father put down each other’s grievances. Meiji actively helped Xiaomin make her transformation more feminine, and Ade saw only three funny words, which made Xiao Min angry and embarrassed.

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