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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 32 Recap

Su Xing cooks the soup and prepares to go to the hospital to send it to Su Xing. Liang Yuxuan asked Sun Yihang if Sun Xiaoai had found Su Xing. Sun Yihang complained that Sun Xiaoai got herself into the hospital. He also said that Su Xing’s current situation is very miserable, and Liang Yuxuan is very troubled. Worried and left immediately. Ye Lang went to the hospital to see Sun Xiaoai. Although she complained, she still told her that Su Xing was okay. Sun Xiaoai drank Ye Lang’s stewed soup. Ye Lang suddenly asked him if she would not see her any day.

Looking for him, Sun Xiaoai said that he is not the same as Su Xing. Su Xing was so accustomed to encountering such things suddenly, and Sun Xiaoai was afraid that something would happen to him. Ye Lang took Sun Xiaoai’s hand to persuade her not to do such a dangerous thing in the future, when Su Xing outside the door was lost and left. Brother Chen told Sun Yihang that Liang Yuxuan had paid a year’s salary in advance with herself and also borrowed a lot of money. Sun Yihang thought she was worried about something.

Julie came to take the makeup photo and met Pan Jianing. Pan Jianing quietly told her that Qi Yue had a girlfriend, who was Mr. Yu’s daughter. Sun Yihang thought that Liang Yuxuan was threatened by Du Meng and wanted to find him desperately, but he happened to meet Du Meng, but he didn’t expect Du. He came to bid farewell suddenly. He was going to Hong Kong, and there was a company over there that wanted to release a record for him.

I also thanked Brother Chen for taking care of him. Brother Chen called Liang Yuxuan and said that Sun Yihang was very worried about her. Liang Yuxuan sent Sun Yihang a location for him to find herself. When Liang Yuxuan went to Su Xing’s house, Sun Yihang quickly said that Liang Yuxuan was his girlfriend, and then Uncle He let them in.

When Liang Yuxuan saw Su Xing, she gave him the borrowed money. Sun Yihang hurriedly stopped and accused Su Xing of being rubbish. Not only did he harm Sun Xiaoai, but also Liang Yuxuan now. Su Xing had to bear it for Sun Xiaoai’s sake. Liang Yuxuan wanted Sun Yihang to shut up, otherwise he would turn his face. Sun Yihang left aggrievedly. Su Xing asked Liang Yuxuan to explain clearly and then come back. He had something to say.

Liang Yuxuan chased it out and told Sun Yihang that Su Xing was her own brother. Su Xing also said something to Su’s mother. Over the years, he has been going to the bar to watch Liang Yuxuan’s performance, but he didn’t recognize Su’s mother if he was unhappy. Su’s mother didn’t understand what Su Xing and Liang Yuxuan meant, how could her tears for so many years be wiped out. Since Su’s father left, Su’s mother hasn’t let go of her resentment one day. Su Xing tried to relieve her. Liang Yuxuan had carried the unbearable identity of an illegitimate daughter since she was born. Su Xing is in trouble now, and there is always icing on the cake. It is rare to send charcoal in the snow. In this world, he is Liang Yuxuan’s only relative.

Liang Yuxuan told Sun Yihang of her own life experience. When Su’s mother was young, she was a strong woman. She left the family affairs to the nanny Wang Keqin to take care of her, and she gradually developed feelings with Su’s father. Later, Su’s father and Wang Keqin got married, but they divorced soon because of their disagreements. Liang Yuxuan always wanted to have a home. Sun Yihang blamed herself after hearing this. He almost beat his brother-in-law twice. Liang Yuxuan asked Sun Yihang to go back first. Su Xing had something to say with her.

Sun Yihang insisted on telling Liang Yuxuan that he would definitely give her a home. Su’s mother saw Liang Yuxuan not speaking, and let Su Xing handle it by herself. Su Xing told Liang Yuxuan that they would be a family from today, and they would move over to live together if they wanted to. For these years, Liang Yuxuan was alone, and Su Xing was very self-blaming in her heart. Regardless of the grievances of the previous generation, the same blood was flowing between them after all. Liang Yuxuan was moved to call Su Xing’s brother, and Su Xing did not ask for her card.

Sun Xiaoai was in a hurry to leave the hospital. Because Xiao Puding was going to play tomorrow, Ye Lang could only rely on her. Uncle He took Liang Yuxuan to visit the room, and Liang Yuxuan chose to live in the gift room. Although Su’s mother would not forgive Wang Keqin, she did not want to spread to the next generation. Liang Yuxuan cleaned up the room and happily posted it to Moments. She will have a home in the future.

Ye Lang sent Sun Xiaoai home, and Liang Yuxuan bought many gifts for the family. Liang Yuxuan asked Su Xing if he wanted to go to the bar to sing, and Su Xing thought about it and agreed. Xiao Puding clamored to go to Sun Xiaoai’s house to play. Su Xing said she was sick. Sun Xiaoai just called and said that she was discharged from the hospital and asked them to come together tomorrow. Ye Lang’s voice happened to be heard by the phone, Su Xing had some Tangled.

Yan Xi went to the hospital to inquire about Qi Yue’s condition, but the doctor wanted to protect the patient’s privacy, and Yan Xi found nothing. Sun Yihang returned home with a sad face. Next door, Sun Xiaoai talked about the relationship between Su Xing and Liang Yuxuan. Sun Xiaoai’s reaction was exactly the same as Sun Yihang’s. The next day, Su Xing brought a little pudding to Sun Xiaoai’s house to play, and Ye Lang came shortly thereafter.

Su Xing stared at Ye Lang and Sun Xiaoai, cutting off the carrots, and Sun Xiaoai awkwardly explained that he and Sun Xiaoai There is nothing between Ye Lang. Barney suddenly fell ill, and Pudding was very sad. Ye Lang said that it was originally an experimental rabbit, but now it may be more ill-advised. Everyone rushed Barney to the pet hospital. Julie is sad because of Qi Yue’s affairs, and she decides not to sit still.

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