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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 32 Recap

Yuan Kan looked at Wang Qinruo, who was very restrained in his movements, and couldn’t help but feel amused. Wang Qinruo borrowed the heavenly script and began to praise Yuan Kan, but Yuan Kan had already seen that the so-called heavenly script was all written by Wang Qinruo, but for the morning’s In an emergency, everyone had to start to cooperate. The crane was raised by Wang Qinruo, and the fire jade was in Wang Qinruo’s usual collection.

Only then did it come in handy. Yuan Kan stopped pursuing it and avoided Wang Qinruo’s kneeling. This time the “astronomical observation bureau” all emerged from a wine bureau between Xing Daren and Wang Qinruo. Master Xing came to paint cranes, and Wang Qinruo ran to buy more than a dozen cranes and tamed them with music. This time, the crisis was solved. Yuan Kan felt funny and clever after hearing it, and this time he was spared Wang Qinruo’s heinous crime before.

The eunuchs were all huddling at the gate of the palace. It turned out that it was King Chu who ran to the roof again. The crazy and silly King Chu was annoyed because he couldn’t solve the gadget’s mechanism. Wang Yuying happened to see it. Yuying helped to unlock the mechanism. , Led King Chu to leave the roof and returned to the house safely. Yuying looked at King Chu’s smile, and she was relieved a lot.

Liu E hosted the Guo family and his wife. The two did not expect Liu E to take care of the two of them, regardless of their previous complaints, and even recognized their foster father and mother. Yuan Kan rushed to the banquet, and the four of them talked and laughed very kindly. Guo Xian suggested that Yuan Kan set Liu E as his queen, but he should not act too hastily. The time is not yet ripe. Yuan Kan must wait patiently. Yuan Kan felt that it made sense.

During the opening ceremony in the school, Taifu Cao personally taught the children of King Ji, the most naughty among them was Liuer Shenger. At this time, Yuan Kan came to visit, and Yuan Kan proposed to test these children. With regard to the degree of endorsement, the youngest third, Yun Rang took the lead. Yuan Kan listened, but he thought of his son Zhao Ji, and the heart of longing rose, and then he stopped. When asked about the boss, Zhao Yunning, he had no desire to read. He held a bow and arrow tightly in his hand. When Yuan Kan saw this, he agreed to give Yunning a new bow, and Yunning immediately began to smile. Seeing so many children in his younger brother’s family, Yuan Kan felt envious, so he proposed to leave Qizi Yang’er to Liu E to raise him. After hearing this, Yuanfen immediately agreed.

When Taifu Cao heard that King Ji had agreed to leave Yun’er in the palace, he persuaded Yuanfen to look away. Yuan Kan must have left Yun’er to pass the throne. After listening to Yuanfen, he felt very uncomfortable, so he had to swallow a sip of wine in silence. Yuan Kan found Liu E. Sure enough, as Taifu Cao said, Yuan Kan realized that none of the six sons of King Ji were candidates for the throne. Seeing that Liu E liked Yuner so much, it was better to leave Yuner with Liu E as the stepmother and take advantage of the situation.

In the court hall the next day, Taifu Cao took the initiative to propose the post-closing issue and said the name of Concubine De. Unexpectedly, at this moment, Kou Zhun suggested that the first concubine who gave birth to the emperor’s heir should be the queen. Cao took advantage of his suggestion to allow the emperor to accept concubines widely, and Taifu Cao again proposed Li De concubine as the queen. The opposition rose again. Yuan Kan, listening to his headache, announced his retreat and no longer listened to anyone’s speech.

Unexpectedly, after his election, the ministers would have to decide his choice. Yuan Kan found in his heart that he, as an emperor, really lost his freedom. He came to the garden and looked at the carefree appearance of the King of Chu. Yuan Kan was envious. , Had to sigh deeply.

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