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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 31 Recap

After Wang Qinruo was demoted, he left alone in a sedan chair. Thinking back to the career of his life, Wang Qinruo couldn’t help but feel sad, holding a palm of the lake in his hand, and determined to walk in the lake. Before taking two steps, the family members of the Wang family chased after him, advising his father not to throw him into the river easily. Listening to Yuying’s endless words, Wang Qinruo still wrinkled a face, insisting on seeking death. Only then did Yuying say that she and her mother and Concubine Dee will sew the phoenix robe recently, and they will definitely get close to Liu E and say a few good things to Wang Qinruo. Sure enough, with these words, Wang Qinruo stood up tremblingly as if seeing the dawn.

Yuan Kan came to Li Wan’er’s bedroom. Wan’er had a good time with her nephew, Sun’er. Yuan Kan was very moved when she watched it. He took the rattle to amuse the child. Seeing the innocent smile, Yuan Kan also felt relaxed. A lot. Wang Ji sent someone to send him a copy of the cedar picture, and Yuan Kan immediately saw the intention of his painting: Ji Wangzhi is in the green mountains and green waters. Wan’er on the side just smiled and said nothing. The two thought of Liu E together. In the past few days, Liu E was sinking in the clothes room, busy sewing the phoenix gown for the Queen Mother Xiao, Yuan Kan couldn’t help flashing a trace of guilt in his heart, but he still expected this phoenix gown to be able to do so. Completed as scheduled.

The Shangyifang is in full swing. Liu E realizes that fire jade is urgently needed in the materials, but the servant shook his head and said that fire jade is lacking. Then the wife on the side added that South Korean father Pan Bozheng had once obtained fire jade from General Liao. Pan Yushu heard about the lack of fire jade in the sewing of phoenix gowns, and hurried to the study to look for it. Pan Liang stood aside and watched silently, guessing that Yushu was trying to win Yuan Kan’s love through the emperor of fire jade, and he did not stop him anymore. , Handed over Huoyu. When the two talked about the last time, they advised the brother not to go it alone, otherwise the whole family would be affected.

Yuan Kan came to find Yushu for Huoyu, but when he was about to step into the bedroom, Yushu saw the shadow of a civet cat suddenly flashed through the window. Yushu fell to the ground in a panic, even the Huoyu in his arms was broken to the ground. . Yuan Kan found that the fire jade was broken all over the place, disappointed, and had to leave with disappointment.

Knowing that the fire jade was broken, Liu E saw that there was only one embellishment of fire jade missing on the phoenix robe that had been made. The ladies beside him suggested other jade as a substitute, but it was not as good as fire jade, and Liu E was rigorous. E refused one by one. The fire jade was smashed, Yuan Kan was furious, and he summoned the ministers to try to stop Yelu, who was about to leave tomorrow, from staying behind. All night passed but still inconclusive.

The gate opened, Yelu stayed behind and the others rode towards the gate. The eunuch came to report that Master Wang and Master Xing had a way to find Huoyu. Unexpectedly, Master Xing opened his mouth and analyzed the celestial phenomenon. Wang Qinruo explained that fire and jade will fall from the sky under the auspicious omen. In desperation, Yuan Kan only Can go to Shangyifang to check, who knows Liu E still talks about the lack of fire jade. Yuan Kan turned to look at Wang Qinruo and the others, just about to commit crimes. At this time cranes appeared in the sky. One after another, they lined up in a line and flew all the way to the gate.

Everyone watched the cranes put down a kit and opened it The flint was found, and the tailor in the Shangyifang quickly took it and quickly completed the final process of the phoenix robe. Zhang Jingzong discovered that the Daxiang middle volume was still attached to the kit. After Wang Qinruo read it, he announced loudly that this was the providence of God indicating that the Song Dynasty was orthodox, and Yuan Kan had inherited the providence of God.

This remark happened to be heard by Yelu staying on the side, and he couldn’t help being afraid that if he worshipped Emperor Xuanyuan, the hundred ancestor Xuanyuan might cause Daliao to receive retribution from heaven. At this time, the phoenix robe was completed, Liu E took the finished product, and handed it to Yelu to stay behind. The Queen Mother Xiao’s birthday was reduced without delay. The cranes appeared, and the phoenix robe was sewn later. Yelu stayed behind and had to give up the worship plan. , Choose to go back to Daliao.

If it weren’t for the accidental “will of God”, Yuan Kan might have ordered Su Yijian to use violence to intercept Yelu left behind and the others. Today’s peace is thanks to Liu E’s ingenuity and hard work. Yuan Kan asked Liu E how he thought of this “Book of Heaven”, Liu E did not say much, but said respectfully that God’s will is so. Yuan Kan went to find Master Xing. Master Xing, who could only observe the phenomenon, pointed out the location of Zhou Boxing for Yuan Kan. It was at this time that Wang Qinruo came to see…

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