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Mouse 마우스 Episode 10 Recap

Cheng Zhien clearly remembered what happened that year. After Han Xujun was arrested, she went to the hospital for a birth check and witnessed a scene where a mother wanted to kill her son with a perverted gene. The mother tried her best to persuade her not to give birth to such a child. When Cheng Zhien left the hospital, he saw that the mother was pushed downstairs as a fall to death. The murderer was her son. Cheng Zhien was scared to pee on her pants.

Gao Wuzhi woke up in a daze and found that he was sleeping at Zheng Barin’s house. He saw deep scars on his neck. Zheng Barin’s hand was wounded and wrapped in gauze. He did not remember what happened last night. He only remembered after the wine. Looking for Zheng Barin to settle the account, Zheng Barin randomly found an excuse to cover up the past. After Gao Wuzhi left, Zheng Barin picked up the stone in the drafting bush and saw that it was stained with blood.

He remembered the thrilling scene last night. After Zheng Barin stunned Gao Wuzhi, he picked up a stone to kill Gao Wuzhi, but a voice stopped him strongly in his heart. Zheng Barin picked up the stone and slammed it against his hand until the blood was dripping, Wu Feng Yi heard the news and urged him to go to the hospital for bandaging.

Zheng Barin came to the prison to find Han Xujun. Han Xujun admitted to transplanting Cheng Yaohan’s brain to him, and repeatedly claimed that it would not affect him. After a forensic examination, it was not Park Hyun-soo who was buried in the grave. Police Officer Park came to the prison to find Han Seo-joon immediately and forced him to tell him the whereabouts of Park Hyun-soo. Wanting to let her daughter enter the land for safety, Han Xujun refused to cooperate and threatened Gao Wuzhi.

Zheng Barin came to consult with a brain expert. The expert believed that he had hallucinations due to psychological effects and prescribed some calming and tranquilizing drugs. Zheng Barin came to present evidence to Gao Wuzhi, then turned on Gao Wuzhi’s computer and saw photos of the scene of Cheng Yaohan’s murder, suggesting that the expert had hallucinations and took a piece of medicine on the spot. Gao Wuzhi then rushed back. Zheng Barin quickly turned off the computer and left.

Seeing Wu Fengyi’s return, Jiang Dexiu’s mother grabbed her by the neck and cursed her for not having a good life. Jiang Dexiu was imprisoned. Thanks to Gao Wuzhi, even if she rushed to stop it. Jiang Dexiu complained that his mother shouldn’t lie. He saw Wu Fengyi not only grown up, but also very beautiful. Gao Wuzhi learned from Wu Fengyi that the hands that attacked her were very soft. They weren’t like those used by Yu Caibi for moving the house.

Gao Wuzhi suspected that the murderer was someone else. He came to Zheng Barin to discuss, and the two came again. Hong Naying’s family investigation and simulation on the spot, Zheng Ba Lin pretended to be the murderer, he once again pinched Gao Wuzhi’s neck, and the illusion of Cheng Yaohan appeared in his mind. He was killed by Gao Wuzhi, and Gao Wuzhi was dying. , Zheng Barin just woke up and let go of his hand.

Zheng Barin and Gao Wuzhi came to the roadside food stall for dinner. Gao Wuzhi wanted to drink cold beer, but the proprietress put the broth pot in the refrigerator. Zheng Barin was inspired to believe that Yu Caibi’s son, Yu Yongzhe, was the murderer. After killing Hong Naying, she stuffed it into the refrigerator, and then deliberately released her three days later, and also produced an alibi. Zheng Barin and Gao Wuzhi came to Yu Yongzhe for the theory. Yu Yongzhe insisted on seeing the arrest warrant. Gao Wuzhi could only watch him drive away. Unexpectedly, Zheng Barin had already applied for an arrest warrant, Yu Yongzhe. Be brought to justice.

Zheng Barin went to the doctor for help and begged him to take out Cheng Yaohan’s brain. The doctor buckled in every possible way. Zheng Barin was furious, so the doctor had to call the mayor to report. Wu Fengyi saw a little girl named Yunya steal from a convenience store and learned that her mother was drinking and living in dire straits every day. Wu Fengyi helped her pay the bills and learned from the convenience store owner that Jiang Dexiu was released. Now, Wu Fengyi followed Yuna home and advised the alcoholic mother to take Yuna to leave the community as soon as possible, so as not to be harmed by Jiang Dexiu.

Zheng Barin was desperate, so he had to come to Wu Fengyi to complain, and Wu Fengyi silently stood by his side. Gao Wuzhi asked Cui Hongzhu to take in Wu Fengyi for a month, and Cui Hongzhu fully agreed. Wu Fengyi came home from get off work very late. She couldn’t get through Zheng Barin’s phone, so she went home alone. Suddenly someone was trailing behind. Wu Fengyi hid aside and flew a kick. Unexpectedly, that person was Gao Wuzhi. Gao Wuzhi didn’t.

Rest assured that she was protecting her secretly, and she also gave Wu Fengyi the money Cheng Zhien had transferred to him over the years. Wu Fengyi declined politely, and she revealed Zheng Barin’s situation to Gao Wuzhi. Zheng Barin came to the church alone, praying devoutly, hoping that he would be saved.

Zheng Barin came to work early in the morning. Police Officer Shen received a report and learned that a girl was killed last night. The scene of the crime imitated Cheng Yaohan, and the Red Cross sign also appeared. Zheng Barin followed Police Officer Shen to the scene and he went to testify. The object room looked at the kidnapping video of Kim Korea and found that the video sent by the murderer to the show was not in the basement of Cheng Yaohan’s house. He believed that the murderer was someone else. Gao Wuzhi insisted that Yaohan was the murderer and forced him away. Up.

Zheng Barin received a suicide case. He went to the scene to investigate and found that the deceased was hung up after being strangled. He also wore a necklace from Father Gao before his death. Inside was a photo of Gao Wuzhi’s family of four. Zheng Ba Rin found the brooch of Wu Fengyi’s grandma in the corner of the deceased’s clothes. He immediately called police officer Shen and Gao Wuzhi to report. Both Zheng Barin and Gao Wuzhi believed that Yu Yongzhe was not the murderer and applied for him to release the collar. Investigate separately.

Gao Wuzhi accidentally discovered the photos of Kim Young-hee and Park Hye-won, and Xiang knew the boss’s wife that Park Hye-won was Yu Yong-chul’s fiancée. He immigrated out of the country a year ago. Gao Wu-zhi quickly found out that Yu Yong-chul’s mother had visited Professor Daniel. I went to find Yu Yongzhe’s uncle to find out the situation, and dug out Zheng Xiuzhen’s body and murder weapon in the yard. Yu Yongzhe was released, and he saw Cui Hongzhu taking his child to see a doctor in the hospital.

Gao Wuzhi called the police station and found out that Yu Yongzhe had been released. It was too late to stop him. When the police arrived, Yu Yongzhe had already drove away. Tomorrow is the wedding of Dongjiu and Seqi. Zheng Barin and Gao Wuzhi also thought that Yu Yongzhe would look for Seqi, and they rushed over separately.

Zheng Barin and Dongjiu came to Seqi’s house and saw that the gate was locked, Dongjiu went to call the police. Zheng Barin used the rope in the corridor to open the gate and saw Seki falling in a pool of blood. Unexpectedly, Yu Yongzhe Rushing out to fight Zheng Barin, Zheng Barin tried his best, but Yu Yongzhe managed to escape. Zheng Barin chased him, and Yu Yongzhe tied Zheng Barin to a warehouse.

It turned out that Yu Yongzhe was jealous that his mother treated Zheng Wanhao’s daughter, Zheng Xiuzhen, when he was a child, and killed Zheng Xiuzhen in anger, and his parents covered up his crimes for him. Zheng Barin rose up to resist, pressed Yu Yongzhe to the ground, pinched his neck tightly, and watched him die in desperation.

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