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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 22 Recap

At this opportunity, He Daye wanted to re-calculate the grudge between her and Luo Chang. Whether it was unclear in the past three years or the length of the next thirty years, it was time to make a decision. Luo Chang chose to escape as always, but he was stopped by He Daye before he left the door. He was even angry that he would leave recklessly, and entangled with a face.

However, Luo Chang did not agree with He Daye’s statement. He believed that the escape from marriage three years ago was only a young impulse, and everyone should have the right to be forgiven. He Daye always has to deal with this mistake, and he would say that every time he was filled with righteous indignation. , As if doing a heinous thing, not only didn’t give him a chance to correct, it even made him frequently fall into regret and self-blame emotions.

Luo Chang did not regret his behavior of escaping from marriage, even if he tried to escape from marriage again, even though he was unscrupulous in his anger, He Daye had already taken it seriously and directly slapped Luo Chang. It was this slap that allowed Luo Chang to fully realize that they should have ended long ago, so he turned and left.

Looking at the doll costumes scattered on the ground, He Daye finally shed tears when he remembered the good times. He Daye suddenly became sober and chased out desperately. However, he had already gone away. With the collapse and helplessness, she realized that she might really lose Luo Chang this time.

He Daye thought of going to Zhang Meng’s house to borrow his mobile phone and call Luo Chang, seeking forgiveness from the other party. Zhang Meng realized that He Daye’s state was a bit too aggressive, and immediately yelled at her, claiming that it was just impulsive and didn’t want to continue to watch her endure the pain. When He Daye calmed down, Zhang Meng personally cooked a bowl of longevity noodles, and before 12 o’clock came, replaced He Daye’s abacus necklace with a pacifier necklace, hoping that she would learn to act like a baby. He Daye was moved to tears, Zhang Meng took out a lighter as a candle to make He Daye wish. He Daye had no wish, worried that his friends would not like him. Zhang Meng blurted out that he liked He Daye. The atmosphere of the two was subtle. .

The next morning, He Daye gave the pet dog given by Luo Chang to Liu Dan to raise him, saying goodbye to the past and ending everything between her and her ex-husband. Liu Dan suspected He Daye’s behavior, and just wanted to learn the truth with her, but He Daye just found a word to prevaricate, and did not continue to ask.

Because of the emergence of He Daye, Shu Ying has an unprecedented sense of crisis. Regardless of whether Zhang Meng “transferred love”, even her son Zhang Yangyang acquiesced to her stepmother in her heart, and even deliberately smashed her English test in order to avoid going abroad. The head teacher called Shuying to the school and almost treated her as an adult trafficker, mainly because the last time He Daye participated in parent-child activities, so that the whole school teachers and students thought she was Zhang Yangyang’s mother.

Shu Ying couldn’t prove her identity, so she asked the head teacher to call Zhang Yangyang to resolve an oolong incident. As Zhang Yangyang’s grades dropped so severely, the head teacher suggested that Shu Ying be more concerned about the child’s situation. Seeing her son’s thoughts, Shu Ying immediately went to Zhang Meng to settle the accounts. She even blamed Zhang Meng for all the problems and threatened to take her son to live abroad.

Zhang Meng and Shu Ying quarreled, blaming Shu Ying for her own opinion, never caring about everyone’s ideas, let alone soliciting Wang Haitao’s opinions. Seeing that his parents were arguing fiercely, Zhang Yangyang told He Daye the secret of his heart in the room. The reason he wanted to take the English test was to stay with Zhang Meng to take care of He Daye.

He Daye couldn’t help being moved when he heard Zhang Yangyang’s words. He agreed not to tell him the secret, but wanted Zhang Meng to know the reason, so he secretly reminded him to ask his son. Zhang Meng felt sorry for Zhang Yangyang, so he didn’t pursue the performance problem, but took him out for dinner.

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