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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 21 Recap

Because of Shi Tao’s words, Jiajia decided to give the bar to someone else and quit her current life. Shi Tao didn’t know this, and Liu Dan was also busy with his relationship problems. Since he had agreed to go camping before, Liu Dan couldn’t help but go to the appointment, just in time for the continuous rain.

Regardless of the kind reminders of others, Liu Dan came to the mountain alone and found that Luo Chang was waiting in the tent, and even caught a cold because of the rain. Luo Chang apologized to Liu Dan for what happened last time, and promised that he would never complain again in the future, and hope that the two can reconcile as before, but Liu Dan clearly expresses his inner love and cannot follow Luo Chang as a friend. get along.

However, Luochang lived as childish as a child, and he did not expect how much harm his actions would bring to a woman. Luo Chang missed the good time they had together and was also trying hard to let go of his ex-wife. However, Liu Dan saw his essence, and instead of letting him completely erase the shadow of his ex-wife, it was better to separate.

Shu Ying accompanied Wang Haitao to the family gathering, facing the ridicule of her aunts, she didn’t care about it, she turned a deaf ear and turned a blind eye. But the more this group of people talked more and more, they forced Shu Ying to have a baby quickly, and completely angered her. Wang Haitao wanted to help Shu Ying speak, but Shu Ying didn’t appreciate it. She directly stated her attitude, claiming that Wang Haitao’s ex-wife had never given birth to a child and she did not have this obligation.

That night, Wang Haitao dealt with all his relatives and went home to blame Shu Ying for not showing mercy to herself. In fact, Wang Haitao’s purpose is very simple. It is nothing more than to want a biological flesh and blood, because he insisted on marrying Shu Ying in spite of everyone’s opposition, completely because he loved the other person too much.

But after all these things, Wang Haitao couldn’t feel love in Shu Ying’s body. Insecure, he hoped to have a child to maintain the relationship between the two. However, as soon as these words were finished, Shu Ying seemed to blow up her hair and accused Wang Haitao of deliberately arranging the Hongmen banquet, frankly even if Zhang Yangyang was taken home, it would be her and Zhang Meng’s children, and would not let Zhang Yangyang spend a penny from the Wang family. .

He Daye’s 32nd birthday is on schedule, and Luo Chang wants to surprise her by hosting a party in KTV. On the night before his birthday, He Daye dreamed of Luo Chang’s proposal in public. Shi Tao’s mother’s appearance scared her to wake up instantly. On his birthday, He Daye carefully dressed up and took Zhang Meng to the birthday party.

As a result, the two came to KTV and found that the room was full of young men and women, none of whom knew each other. Originally, He Daye was going to leave, but under Zhang Meng’s persuasion, he still endured his temper and returned to the private room. When he heard the gossip about her and Luo Chang’s relationship, he was very angry, disbanded the birthday party, and pulled Zhang Meng. go away.

Luo Chang dragged the puppet to catch up with He Daye, accusing He Daye of showing up at the birthday party with a wild man. Listening to Luo Chang’s cynicism, He Daye had a big quarrel with him, and publicly announced that Zhang Meng was his boyfriend and warned Luo Chang not to pester him in the future. Luo Chang was furious, and rushed directly to punch Zhang Meng. At first, Zhang Meng looked at He Daye’s face and didn’t want to fight back and make trouble. Unexpectedly, Luo Chang would not give up, and the two finally fought.

On the way home, Liu Dan suddenly saw Luo Chang coming from the opposite side in despair, with bruises on his face, which attracted the attention of many people. Knowing what happened to Luo Chang tonight, Liu Dan suggested that he should bravely confess to his ex-wife. However, when Luo Chang was about to apologize to He Daye, he didn’t expect He Daye to pack up his belongings and put it at the door, saying that he would make a clean break with him.

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