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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 20 Recap

The three of them worked together to complete the competition and finally achieved the first result. Zhang Yangyang received his favorite prize and took the initiative to give it to He Daye, thanking her for participating. Zhang Meng asked Zhang Yangyang for a gift, but Zhang Yangyang, who was a big man, wanted to take this opportunity to match him with He Daye. He Daye did not refute Zhang Yangyang’s words, and tacitly became his stepmother’s longing. Zhang Meng concealed his inner joy, and the car was full of laughter.

Compared with Zhang Meng’s current happy life, Shu Ying is a bit uncomfortable, and her mind is full of the scenes she just saw in school. When Wang Haitao saw that Shu Ying was in a bad mood, he took the initiative to comfort him. Unexpectedly, Shu Ying thought that he was unkind and wanted to trick himself into the circle of ladies and contact the rich wives in order to make business partners. .

Because she failed to participate in the parent-child activities of Zhang Yangyang School, Shu Ying couldn’t help but eat He Daye’s vinegar, so she once again proposed to take her son over to live together. Wang Haitao believes that Zhang Yangyang is by his biological father, and he may have adapted his life habits. If he suddenly changes the environment, it will inevitably affect the growth of the child.

To prevent her son from continuing to be obsessed with He Daye, Shi Tao’s mother proposed to send him abroad to study, and even scolded He Daye for improper work style at the showdown on the spot. Shi Tao heard her mother insult the person she liked so much, she couldn’t help but quarreled with her, and then ran away from home and went to the bar alone to get drunk.

Jiajia couldn’t bear it, so she used to hug Shi Tao patiently to comfort her. Although Shi Tao thought he was stupid and incapable of protecting He Daye, Jiajia thought he was like a blank sheet of paper, beautiful and simple. Because of this, after Shi Tao fell asleep, Jiajia personally used his mobile phone to text He Daye and asked He Daye to come to the bar.

When He Daye received the news, he couldn’t worry about eating at ease, so accompanied by Zhang Meng, he went to pick up Shi Tao. The two helped Shi Tao to the studio, and He Daye went home alone, leaving Zhang Meng to take care of Shi Tao. At this time, the ring in Shi Tao’s pocket fell out, and Zhang suddenly understood it, then picked it up and put it back in Shi Tao’s pocket. He Daye, who returned home in the middle of the night, recalled what happened during the day, and suddenly received a WeChat from ex-Fro Chang, informing her about the location of her birthday next week.

The next morning, He Daye came to the studio in a hurry and was about to teach Shi Tao. Unexpectedly, Shi Tao’s mother would reach out from the door and hit someone with her hand. Fortunately, He Daye’s hand quickly blocked it. Seeing this scene, Shi Tao’s mother became furious, like a shrew cursing the street, angrily reprimanding He Daye for seducing her son.

As Shi Tao’s mother became more and more unpleasant, even He Daye’s previous marriage was also involved. Zhang Meng couldn’t listen to it, and he was so angry that he rushed to reason directly, and put his arms around He Daye’s shoulders and officially declared that she was himself. Woman. After Shi Tao’s mother and son left, Zhang Meng accompanied He Daye and kept enlightening until He Daye figured it out and was no longer emotionally depressed.

Shi Tao was so troubled by his mother, he was in a particularly bad mood. When the mother and son had a big quarrel, Shi Tao blamed the other for always interfering in his affairs, and even scolded He Daye indiscriminately. Shi Tao didn’t care whether his mother was sad, but ran to Jiajia alone to talk about her pain.

Jiajia couldn’t understand where he was different from He Daye, why he was also a woman, but He Daye was so popular with men. Shi Tao believed that He Daye would basically write it on her face whether she was happy or sad, so she was more like an ordinary person with flesh and blood, and lived a real life. Compared with He Daye’s ordinary, Jiajia seemed a little too strong, and she looked the same every day, never changing.

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