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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 19 Recap

Seeing that He Daye still wanted to continue to pretend to be confused, He’s mother directly took out her contract with Zhang Meng and said that she saw Zhang Meng and Zhang Yangyang in the room with a photo. Although He Ma could accept Zhang Meng’s second marriage, she could not accept a second married man with children, and warned He Daye to become a stepmother easily.

When he woke up the next morning, He Daye found that his mother had packed her luggage and was ready to go home. He Daye was still amazed at first, until he learned that He’s mother used the photos of those studios to grow a face in front of her relatives and friends, so she wanted to go back and show off. Before leaving, Mother He still did not forget to instruct He Daye to get married and have children as soon as possible, provided that she finds a good partner.

He Daye was a little moved and took the initiative to send He Ma to the train station. Along the way, He’s mother was still emphasizing that He Daye pays attention to age issues, it’s time to consider major life events, but after talking about it, she suddenly remembered that He Daye hadn’t drunk the glass of water with the spell, so she immediately asked the driver to turn around and go back. .

Seeing He Ma’s stubbornness, He Daye repeatedly promised that he would definitely solve the glass of water when he went back, which made He Ma rest assured to leave by car. After sending He Ma, He Daye went home and saw what she had prepared in the refrigerator. He couldn’t help feeling warm, because he didn’t want to live up to his mother’s kindness, so he simply drank Fushui.

Because Shu Ying did not have time to participate in the school’s parent-child meeting activities, Zhang Meng wanted to invite He Daye to attend as the mother of the child. He Daye did not immediately agree, and deliberately said that he wanted to consider it. As a result, that night, He Daye had a stomachache from drinking Fushui, and her legs were weak and weak. When Zhang Meng noticed something was wrong with He Daye the next morning, he was so angry that he took her to the hospital for consultation.

Faced with Zhang Meng’s question, He Daye couldn’t say it, but reminded Zhang Meng not to lightly envelope and build superstitions. He Daye was not in a serious condition. After a short rest, he decided to go to school to accompany Zhang Yangyang in the activities. Although He Daye kept the days in mind, on the day of the parent-child activity, he was caught in a traffic jam and almost missed the time. what

Zhang Yangyang didn’t wait until He Daye, and he was very depressed. Zhang Meng had to persuade Zhang Yangyang to go to the competition first. Unexpectedly, He Daye suddenly ran from the door, and the father and son were finally relieved. He Daye helped Zhang Yangyang win the competition. Zhang Yangyang was particularly happy. Other students suspected that He Daye was not outstanding in appearance, so they guessed that she was not her biological mother.

Zhang Yangyang fought the injustice for He Daye and announced in public that she was his mother. He Daye was very touched when he heard it. However, Zhang Yangyang actually teased that He Daye was not so beautiful in private. He Daye deliberately had trouble with Zhang Yangyang, and after Zhang Meng came over, he continued the game happily. The three cooperated tacitly, just like a family of three, but she didn’t know that all of this was seen by Shu Ying, who changed her mind temporarily. Because of this, Shu Ying made up her mind to take back Zhang Yangyang’s custody rights and take it to live abroad. She told Wang Haitao of the incident.

Shi Tao’s mother turned to the ring that Shi Tao bought for He Daye, and suddenly became so angry that she simply disguised herself and came to Lin Weina’s company, but Lin Weina wanted to consult on the spot for the wedding but was rather shy aunt. When Lin Weina learned of Shi Tao’s mother’s intentions, she said a lot of He Daye’s bad things in front of her, claiming that Shi Tao was bewitched by He Daye, so she resigned. Originally, Shi Tao’s mother was still curious about He Daye’s identity, but when she heard that He Daye was a divorced old woman, her face changed drastically and she couldn’t sit still.

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