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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 18 Recap

Originally, Zhang Meng didn’t want to pretend to be a boyfriend. After all, he couldn’t open his eyes and lie until He Daye threatened him with a house and had to agree to cooperate. In order to pass the inspection of He’s mother, He Daye thought about the questions that needed to be answered in advance, and asked Zhang Meng to establish a high-quality single man with a house, a car, and no children.

While Zhang Meng was cooking for Zhang Yangyang, he read the notes that He Daye sent to him by heart, and suddenly realized that it is not easy to see his parents, because none of him can meet the requirements of his mother-in-law. Regarding this situation, Zhang Meng couldn’t make up his mind, and simply asked Zhang Yangyang’s thoughts. He didn’t expect Zhang Yangyang to support him in chasing He Daye with both hands.

Mother He took advantage of her daughter’s going out, she ran through boxes and cabinets at home, trying to find clues about the man, only to find a shared tenancy agreement in the drawer. Afterwards, according to the method taught by Aunt Li, Mrs. He specially took out the practice of giving the child Guanyin, and burned the talisman paper to exchange it into water, hoping that He Daye could marry sooner and give birth to a child sooner, so as not to regret in the future.

Shi Tao learned that Liu Dan had sought Jiajia, so he wanted to go to the bar to apologize, but accidentally heard her talking with her friends, and found out that she was actually a “gambler” among this group of people. Jiajia came out to explain, but the more the explanation, the deeper the misunderstanding, Shi Tao could no longer accept her deception, so after paying the wine money, she left disappointed.

In a blink of an eye, on the day of the appointment, Mother He took it seriously and dressed up specially. Zhang Meng answered all of He’s mother’s questions cautiously, and she had already left a good impression on her at first sight. He Daye found that Zhang Meng was extremely nervous. To prevent exposure, he secretly motioned to him to find excuses to go to McDonald’s to meet customers.

After Zhang Meng left, Mrs. He took a few photos in the studio, planning to send it to the circle of friends to show off, and by the way, called Luo Chang to come home for dinner. Luo Chang was excited about why his mother had forgiven his previous mistakes and wanted to match his remarriage with He Daye, and then he was so excited that he immediately came to visit with a gift.

As everyone knows, He’s mother presented a Hongmen banquet this time. Instead of the warm hospitality she imagined, she ridiculed him in various ways, and even warned him not to continue to entangle He Daye and his new boyfriend to avoid misunderstanding. Luo Chang was so embarrassed when he heard what He said, that he hurriedly bid farewell after eating, He Daye couldn’t help but question his mother, complaining that she was hurting others.

However, He’s mother directly took out the gift that Luo Chang gave to He Daye, saying that she already knew they had been in contact. Although there was no demolition before, He’s mother still wanted to remind He Daye not to heal the scar and forget the pain, and since he is divorced, stop entangled with Luo Chang. He Daye knew what his mother meant, and repeatedly promised that he had given up on Luo Chang and would never turn his head back.

At the same time, Zhang Yangyang was sent to Shu Chang’s house. He and Wang Haitao watched cartoons at the dinner table, talking and laughing, and were uncomfortable. Shu Ying asked the nanny to prepare meals, took away the tablet playing cartoons, and reminded him that he should pay attention to protecting his eyesight, and then talked about going to the United States. Zhang Yangyang was in a pretty good mood, but when he heard that he was going to the United States, he instantly lost his appetite. When Wang Haitao understood Shu Ying’s true thoughts, he also understood that his desire for children would be difficult to achieve.

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