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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 17 Recap

Liu Danming knew that wine was expensive, but she still forced her composure and warned Jiajia to stay away from Shi Tao. Fortunately, Jiajia did not pursue it, seeing that she simply wanted to fight injustice for her friends. At the same time, Zhang Meng knew he was wrong on He Daye, so he patiently packed up the wedding dress and the studio. He wanted to apologize to He Daye, but the other party refused to answer the phone at all.

After experiencing that strange blind date, He Daye’s life was finally much cleaner, but the news of her boyfriend naturally spread to He Ma’s ears. The introducer, Lao Zhang, accused He Daye of having style problems, so angry that He’s mother quarreled with her, and finally broke up.

When she got home, He’s mother became more and more angry when she thought about it, and even worried that her daughter had forgotten the pain after the scar was healed, and continued to engage with Luo Chang. He Daye received a questioning call from his mother and immediately changed the subject, claiming that Zhang Zikang used a photo of ten years ago to go on a blind date. This situation is a fraud.

Although Zhang Zikang lied and deceived people first, the point of this call was to understand the situation about his boyfriend. He Daye pretended to have a bad signal and hung up the phone directly. Because of He Daye’s evasive attitude, He’s mother became more suspicious, so she decided to take a car to Shanghai for a surprise inspection, wanting to see who her daughter was dating.

After the opening of the studio, the first young couple finally ushered in. Due to the extremely poor attitude of the female client Fang Min, coupled with her choice, He Daye’s work was not progressing smoothly. It just so happened that the water pipe in the bathroom exploded at this time, and He Daye could not continue to entertain, and hurriedly took the washbasin to collect the water, causing her to be in a hurry.

Zhang Meng came back in time to help He Daye fix the water pipe, and took the opportunity to apologize to her. Seeing Zhang Meng’s dejected look, He Daye was a little distressed, not only didn’t care about the previous things, but took the initiative to calm his emotions.

Due to Zhang Meng’s tall and handsome appearance, Fang Min has a very good impression of him. He Daye is keenly aware of this detail, and Zhang Meng is directly responsible for Fang Min’s wedding as the director. Although Fang Min’s husband was very dissatisfied with Zhang Meng’s appearance, he had no say in this matter and could only let his wife sign a contract on the spot.

After the couple left, Zhang Meng finally understood that he was betrayed by He Daye, and couldn’t help but make a small temper. He Daye was worried that Zhang Meng would catch a cold from the water, so he cooked the ginger soup himself, and by the way found a reason to distract him. Seeing Zhang Meng go out, He Daye hurriedly set up the venue, using a few chairs and candles as a simple catwalk runway. In fact, he wanted to hold a curtain call for Zhang Meng and bid farewell to his modeling career.

Zhang Meng was deeply moved when he saw this situation. He imagined himself standing on the stage of Paris Fashion Week, after the last big show in his life, everyone stood up and applauded. He Daye is like the most dazzling audience in the crowd, not only illuminating the whole stage, but also warming his life, so he stepped off the stage and hugged He Daye tightly, expressing his sincere gratitude.

When He Daye went home from get off work, he suddenly found that He Ma had been waiting at the door for a long time. Her arrival caught He Daye by surprise. Before He Daye entered the house, He Ma rushed in faster than her, like a drug detection dog, she went to every corner of the room to investigate clues, but failed to find useful clues.

In order to dispel He Ma’s suspicion and her aversion to Luo Chang, He Daye was forced to admit that Zhang Meng was her boyfriend. Since He Ma insisted on seeing Zhang Meng, He Daye had no other choice, so she went to discuss with Zhang Meng the next day and asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend for a few days.

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