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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 16 Recap

The army admitted that he had never loved Xiaoling. The reason why he agreed to get married was entirely due to the concept of marriage that was forcibly indoctrinated by his parents since he was a child, which caused him to misunderstand. It was not until the appearance of Fangfang that the army truly realized the importance of love and marriage. A marriage without love was like a mess.

In fact, Xiaoling doesn’t blame the army for being insensitive to feelings, but is angry that he left regrets with escaped marriage on the most important day of her life. Because of the army’s selfishness, Xiaoling fully understands that he is not a real good match. Instead of living in the entanglement of hatred, it is better to let him go, which is equivalent to letting herself go.

When Xiaoling finished scolding the army, she finally let go of her knots, and agreed to go for coffee with He Daye, and talked about her and Luo Chang by the way. Xiaoling envied He Daye and Luo Chang’s divorce and can become friends. After all, this means that the two will have a chance to get together, but He Daye doesn’t like the current mode of getting along because of the awkward relationship between He Daye and Luo Chang. , Beyond the distance of friends, not yet the intimacy of lovers. Whether Luo Chang meets his girlfriend, falls in love, or gets married or divorced, she will suppress her inner suffering and send her blessings with a strong smile. This endless hope will make her suffer.

Liu Dan gave Shi Tao how to pursue He Daye, and then went to meet Luo Chang again. It just so happened that Luo Chang was so sad about Da Ye’s blind date, and he couldn’t accept that his ex-wife wanted to be in love with other men. In order to calm Luo Chang’s emotions, Liu Dan took the initiative to take him to go shopping. Unexpectedly, when he lined up to buy shoes, Luo Chang had a conflict with others, and finally developed to the point of hands-on.

After a fight ended, Luo Chang was slightly injured. He and Liu Dan ate and drank in the restaurant, just in time for the restaurant to hold a 30-second 30-second 30% discount, so he took this opportunity to take Liu Dan to the event, thinking Take revenge on He Daye. Seeing that Luo Chang was about to kiss him, Liu Dan pushed him away, poured alcohol and yelled on the spot, then turned and left.

A few days later, Liu Dan helped He Daye prepare for the opening ceremony. At the same time, he received the final payment for the wedding of the army and Xiaoling, and couldn’t help but complain about the man. He Daye went downstairs to buy wine, and came back to meet some model colleagues invited by Zhang Meng. I wanted to step forward to greet them, but I didn’t expect to show up before I heard them talking about Zhang Meng behind his back, and even used him as a tool.

Seeing the shameless faces of this group of people, He Daye decided to fight the injustice for Zhang Meng instead of fighting. Zhang Meng took the initiative to introduce Huang Dafang and others. Liu Dan committed an idiot and hurried over to give him a warm reception. He Daye deliberately thanked them for giving themselves gifts, which made the few people who did not bring gifts especially embarrassing.

He Daye asked them to help wear a wedding dress and take pictures. Zhang Meng saw that He Daye was deliberately making things difficult, and he was very puzzled. Even Liu Dan felt that He Daye was too much. However, He Daye used all kinds of reasons to perfuse, even picking up on the other party’s faults, leaving no feelings at all, so angry that they just took off their clothes and left.

Seeing that He Daye was uncharacteristically, Zhang Meng couldn’t help being angry and accusing him. On the contrary, He Daye felt aggrieved and slammed the door directly. After He Daye left, Zhang Meng wanted to chase out and explain clearly to Huang Dafang. But when he walked to the corner of the stairs, he heard them talking about themselves in private. He immediately understood what He Daye did, and at the same time he felt uncomfortable.

When Liu Dan learned that Shi Tao wanted to propose to He Daye, he was surprised at first, and then found someone behind him, so he immediately ran to the bar to find Jiajia to settle accounts, and even smashed a bottle of famous wine on the spot.

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