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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 15 Recap

The so-called misfortune does not come singly, it is that He Daye had just encountered the mess of escaped marriage on the front foot, and immediately followed his mother’s arrangement to go on a blind date with the returnee Zhang Zikang. On the surface, Zhang Meng blessed He Daye’s blind date smoothly, but he was really anxious and rushed to the school to pick up his son. Using encouragement, he took him to the western restaurant for the blind date to have a peek at He Daye’s blind date.

Zhang Yangyang realized that Zhang Meng’s invitation to eat western food had another purpose, so he helped him to eavesdrop on the chat content between He Daye and Zhang Zikang, and relayed the content to Zhang Meng, but Zhang Meng mistakenly thought about why Daye wanted to get married. child. Zhang Zikang is considered to be very strange, and he made a decision on the engagement with He Daye on the spot, and even asked her to give birth to her own children, and later in the family husband and wife.

Seeing Zhang Zikang’s words getting more and more endless, Zhang Meng immediately rushed to interrupt the next exchange between the two, and at the same time reprimanded him as He Daye’s boyfriend. Zhang Zikang was so angry that he turned around and left, leaving only a condom that had fallen from his bag. Because of Zhang Meng’s rescue and Zhang Yangyang’s reminder, He Daye knew that he had come to the Western restaurant for himself. Apart from shock, he was also a little touched.

Shi Tao talked to Jiajia about He Daye’s blind date, and planned to confess her before she was snatched away. Jiajia speculated on He Daye’s view of love, and at the same time said that he was also a person who dared to love and hate. However, Shi Tao did not understand Jiajia’s cruelty until he was taken to a tattoo shop and watched Jiajia’s ex-boyfriend’s The name is tattooed on the body.

Now that her ex-boyfriend is bankrupt and his wife ran away, Jiajia is not happy, but even more sad. Back then, she was deceived by her ex-boyfriend and forced to become a junior. Although she got away in time, her feelings were still there. It would be self-deception to say that she forgets easily. Shi Tao criticized Jiajia’s behavior. He felt that to tattoo the name of the person he loved was not to remember him at all, but to remind himself not to forget with his body pain.

Although Jiajia looks like a game world, Shi Tao believes that she is not the one who can gloat when her ex-boyfriend is in trouble. Just because Shi Tao sees too well, Jiajia is a little angry, so she pretends to be angry and scolds him away, and then goes home alone and plucks up the courage to call her ex-boyfriend to help him tide over the difficulties, but that number has long been changed as the head of the household .

Shi Tao made up his mind to confess to He Daye. Because he didn’t know how to choose, he simply took Jiajia to the jewelry store to choose. Originally, Shi Tao wanted to choose an expensive diamond ring, but Jiajia had a different view. She calculated He Daye’s character according to her own thinking and chose a more suitable ring.

The army agreed to meet Xiaoling, and He Daye and Luo Chang each took people to the meeting place. During this period, Luo Chang kept telling the army’s behavior, even if he didn’t love him, he had to make it clear to Xiaoling earlier, instead of fleeing marriage in front of everyone. The army believed that it had no choice but to complain that Luo Chang belonged to the same type of person as himself.

Just as the army was still hesitating in what way to apologize to Xiaoling, he didn’t expect He Daye to show up with Xiaoling, leaving the two to live alone. Luo Chang chased after him and mentioned the problem between the two of them. He Daye didn’t want to entangle Luo Chang anymore, and repeatedly explained that she had completely forgotten the past, because she had already started preparing for a blind date. When Luo Chang heard of this, he was very hurt, and reprimanded He Daye for his lack of justice.

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