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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 14 Recap

Although the previous escaped marriage incident caused Xiaoling a lot of harm, the army did not feel any guilt, but felt that he had the right to pursue love. He Daye immediately denied his self-righteousness. The so-called pursuit of happiness should be based on the suffering of others. It is not worthy of happiness. Therefore, she asked the army to meet Xiaoling, at least to give the other party an explanation, not what she thinks is now. Live in hiding without any responsibility at all.

Luo Chang blamed He Daye for embarrassing the army, but was scolded instead. After all, in the eyes of He Daye, the two men are surprisingly consistent in their styles and ideas. The truth makes her feel sick. However, Luo Chang feels that he is different from the army. The main reason for his escape was not doing a good job. Prepare, the pressure after marriage is the key to making him cowardly.

On the way back, He Daye looked at the street scene outside through the car window. He couldn’t help but think of Luo Chang escaping from the wedding scene, and then returned to the scene of taking her to run along the street. If the reason is to be pursued, it is nothing more than that Luo Chang could not bear the responsibility of getting married and having children, so he suddenly regretted the marriage and embarrassed both parents. He Daye didn’t force Luo Chang to mature, so he returned to the wedding scene alone to solve the mess.

Considering that the studio was about to open, Zhang Meng took his son to buy a pen as a gift, and eventually met young fellows in the same industry. I wanted to take a detour, but they found out that they had no choice but to bite the bullet and talk a few words. The younger generations talked about the downturn in the modeling industry, and many new people came to the company. Zhang Meng couldn’t say much, so he found a reason to shirk. Just as Zhang Meng was about to leave, Zhang Yangyang unexpectedly invited everyone to participate in the opening ceremony of the studio, and by the way helped publicize it.

Shi Tao deliberately exposed the photo of him and Jiajia in front of He Daye. She wanted to make He Daye jealous, but she didn’t respond, and even sent a blessing. Although the balance has not yet arrived, He Daye first paid out of his own pocket to pay everyone, and invited Zhang Meng, Shi Tao and Liu Dan to dinner.

Just as the four were chatting happily at the dinner table, Mom He suddenly called and wanted to introduce her daughter to the elite returnees. Zhang Meng and Shi Tao learned that He Daye was going to have a blind date, and each had their own minds. Shi Tao approached Liu Dan to find a way to stop it. However, Liu Dan felt that she was not suitable for He Daye.

After eating, Zhang Meng hesitated for a long time before giving a gift to He Daye to celebrate her opening ceremony. He Daye learned that Zhang Meng’s former colleagues were coming to join him. Not only did he readily agree, he even wanted them to help try on the wedding gown and take pictures. Zhang Meng saw that He Daye had no objection, so he was relieved to send them the address.

Originally, Luo Chang wanted to meet He Daye for dinner, but what happened during the day made him uninterested, so he called Liu Dan, and the two of them fried steak and drank red wine. Liu Dan took this opportunity to confess to Luo Chang indirectly. However, Luo Chang still had something in his heart, so he tactfully refused, claiming that if he changed to three years ago, he would definitely chase Liu Dan, but now, apart from his ex-wife, there is no room for it anymore. other people.

Shi Tao didn’t know how to please He Daye, the only thing she could think of was that she was short of money, so she secretly opened her mother’s safe. As a result, as soon as He Daye took out the money, she saw Mama Shi appear, and he was frightened to apologize. Mother Shi did not blame her son for taking money at all, but instead handed out tens of thousands to Shi Tao.

That night, Jiajia learned that her ex-boyfriend was in despair, and dragged her friends to party in the bar. Shi Tao wanted to ask her about He Daye, and went straight to the bar after leaving the house. She didn’t know that Shi’s mother was a little suspicious after he left.

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