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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 13 Recap

When Zhang Meng couldn’t help but blamed He Daye for the danger of chasing the car, he didn’t expect the car to stop suddenly. The Army took the initiative to get out of the car and come over to speak a word, claiming that he would not return to the wedding scene. Because the army was saying the same irresponsible things, He Daye couldn’t help but yelled at him, even mentioning the escaped marriage incident three years ago, but the story’s owner is himself and Luo Chang.

Because the army knew He Daye’s situation at the time, and knew that she had not been able to get rid of the injury in three years, she was still a little shaken, but Fangfang came from the side and said that she was willing to admit her mistakes for the army, but she would never Let the army leave. The appearance of Fangfang made the Army more firm in his inner thoughts. He believed that if he compromised and went back, Fangfang would inevitably be hurt. Moreover, a person’s life is very long, and it is really unacceptable to be accompanied by someone he doesn’t love.

Seeing the army leave with Fangfang, He Daye can only go back alone to face Xiaoling. However, He Xiaoling’s mood fluctuates greatly, scolding He Daye for being a broom star on the spot, and even started beating others. Zhang Meng didn’t want to watch He Daye being bullied by Xiaoling, and hurriedly stepped forward to stop it. First, he calmed down Xiaoling’s inner anger, then went to comfort He Daye and asked her why she wanted to let the army go.

In He Daye’s view, the army didn’t love Xiaoling at all, and it would be meaningless to keep him, and it would probably do more harm to Xiaoling in the future. Zhang Meng knew that He Daye was sad because of what happened three years ago, and since then he will not cry because of the heart disease, so he walked her to the fountain, closed his eyes and imagined the feeling of tears flowing down his cheeks.

This scene happened to be seen by Shi Tao. The close contact between the two gave him a sense of crisis, especially from Liu Dan’s knowledge of the process of meeting He Daye and Zhang Meng. He was so angry that he couldn’t help but quarrel. Go to Jiajia for healing. Jiajia analyzes the reasons and solutions for Shi Tao based on the situation of marriage derailment. It is best for Shi Tao to find a woman to retaliate against He Daye.

If it were to change to the past, I am afraid that Shi Tao would not agree to the death, but now Jiu Jin is on his head, he casually promised to open a room to retaliate. Until Jiajia took him home, Shi Tao immediately became sober and couldn’t sleep with other women casually. Jiajia promised that she would not let Shi Tao lose her body. She merely took revenge by taking pictures. In order to dispel his panic, she simply talked about the relationship between men and women again.

Now that the bridegroom and the army have gone without a trace, the bride Xiaoling has been devastated, and the final payment of He Daye’s wedding has not been paid, but 50,000 yuan has been posted instead. Liu Dan complained that He Dayeguang was thinking about the customer’s difficulties, but he did not think of his own difficulties. He Daye really had no choice but to go to Xiaoling in person with Zhang Meng’s accompaniment.

Xiaoling’s parents didn’t look good to He Daye, insisting that she was the victim and would never settle the balance. Zhang Meng was worried about the conflict and quickly explained that they weren’t here for money. Only then did Xiaoling’s parents ease their attitude, hoping that He Daye would understand their feelings as parents.

He Daye knew that the old couple was definitely not a bad guy. It was all because of the army’s extreme work that he was planning to stop demanding the balance payment. He found that Xiaoling, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, was haggard. Xiaoling is willing to pay the balance, provided that she meets with the army. He Daye understood that what Xiaoling wanted was only an apology and an explanation, just like her own back then. So she tried her best to find the army, but every time she called, she refused to answer, and even her good brother Luo Chang was hiding.

Until He Daye came to the door in person, Luo Chang had no choice but to persuade He Daye not to embarrass the army anymore. At this time, Luo Chang didn’t dare to answer the phone in front of her when the army called. He Daye grabbed the phone and asked Luo Chang to take him to see the army. Since the army escaped from marriage, they hid in the rental room with Fangfang. He Daye felt that the two of them had no conscience. They were living a leisure life, stepping on the faces of their parents and Xiaoling’s pain.

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