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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 12 Recap

Liu Dan likes Luo Chang, and he is particularly dissatisfied that he always misses his ex-wife in front of him. Out of the jealousy of a woman, he must find a way to occupy his whole heart. Liu Dan reminded Luo Chang to transfer the money to herself and accepted it unceremoniously. This behavior made Luo Chang feel that she was very different from He Daye, because He Daye always rushed to pay.

Since Shi Tao resigned, he has made up his mind to work for He Daye. As a result, when he arrived at the studio, he was chased and beaten by He Daye, and blamed him for not listening to advice and doing something illegal. He Daye didn’t bother to take care of Shi Tao anymore, and went directly to see Lu Jun and Xiaoling with the plan. Shi Tao stayed with Zhang Mengqiang to take the initiative, and warned Zhang Meng not to have ideas about He Daye, because she was the woman she wanted to pursue.

Xiaoling was unwilling to accept an animation-themed wedding, so she did not come forward to discuss the plan, but wanted He Daye to help persuade the army to give up, because every woman hopes to be able to wear a white wedding dress and stand romantically under the spotlight. Despite this, the army still persisted, and said that the reason why he chose “Shu Ke and Beta” was completely because he had loved a girl Fangfang deeply, and the other party often compared their feelings to the protagonists in cartoons.

The army confessed that he did not want to get married at all, and even the marriage partner imposed arrangements. As long as he thought that he would no longer be free after marriage, he decided that he should use this wedding as a dividing line between the past and the future and bid farewell to his former girlfriend. After learning about the situation, He Daye first called to ask Luo Chang how much he knew about that Fangfang, and then went home to talk to Zhang Meng about the army, especially curious about the man’s mood when he got married.

Zhang Meng’s answer was different from Lu Jun’s answer. He valued the wedding very much, and he married the bride with gratitude and excitement. While He Daye was still struggling, he suddenly heard Zhang Meng mention his ex-wife Shu Ying, and then he knew that he was Shu Ying’s first husband. He Daye finds it difficult to accept Zhang Meng’s identity. In fact, it’s even harder to accept his ex-husband who likes a client. The current situation is like a teacher’s relationship with a student. There is no doubt that the doctor and the patient are in love. Ying.

Luo Chang asked Liu Dan to accompany him to choose a gift for the army. The salesperson thought that they were a couple, so he recommended a better diamond ring to Luo Chang. Seeing the salesperson’s misunderstanding, Liu Dan deliberately acted in front of her with Luo Chang, pretending to be a cheating man and woman, and the salesperson was stunned. Luo Chang took advantage of Liu Dan to go to the bathroom and secretly bought her a silver ring as a gift.

The wedding of Shu Ke and Beta came as scheduled, but the accident also followed. He Daye finally persuaded Xiaoling to wear a mouse costume to walk the red carpet. Unexpectedly, the rumored Fangfang suddenly appeared on the scene, wearing the same clothes. Beta clothing, asked the Army to fulfill each other’s oath.

The army, who had already experienced burnout before the wedding, did not hesitate to pull Fangfang to escape the marriage. Xiaoling wanted to stay, but was thrown on the red carpet. This scene caused He Daye to fall into the painful memories of the past, and immediately thought of how he was discarded by Luo Chang, and almost fainted.

However, after a brief calm, He Daye couldn’t accept this fact, and couldn’t bear to see Xiaoling being hurt by a scumbag. She chased after the car desperately, and Zhang Meng immediately followed after seeing this situation.

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