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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 11 Recap

Although Lin Weina had a bad tone, she did speak in a reasonable manner, and made He Daye realize her mistakes. At the same time, she did not want Shi Tao to be resigned, so she begged Lin Weina to raise her hands high. In fact, Lin Weina didn’t want to pursue it at all. The purpose of finding her this time was to make the other party owe her a favor and understand the hardship of starting a business.

He Daye took the initiative to be soft and bowed to Lin Weina to apologize, which is incredible. Before Lin Weina could react, He Daye had already left the company, only to find that Zhang Meng was still waiting for him in place, and a warm current surged in his heart. Zhang Meng knew that she was in a bad mood, so he bought oranges to make her happy.

However, after He Daye left, Lin Weina took out the surveillance video and played it countless times, intending to use this to teach everyone to remind them that He Daye’s fate should be remembered. As all kinds of slander spread to Shi Tao’s ears, he was very upset, so at Jiajia’s suggestion, he decided to sneak into Lin Weina’s office in the middle of the night to delete the video, and put her computer screen in her own provocative selfie, and then proposed Resigned and went to He Daye’s studio.

Knowing that He Daye had no money to buy furniture, Liu Dan simply brought in a batch of leather furniture and sold it to He Daye at a low price. Since the moving company refused to move upstairs, He Daye had to do it himself. Liu Dan wanted to help, but when he received a call from Luo Chang, he learned that the owner of the original order shop had cheated money to buy fake goods.

After hanging up the phone, Liu Dan didn’t say anything, and rushed to the original store to help Luo Chang ask for money, and even lied that he had an unusual relationship with Luo Chang. The proprietress had no other choice but to agree to lose one piece of clothing to Luo Chang, but Liu Dan directly asked Luo Chang to take three of them. Luo Chang helped Liu Dan to draw his figure in the car and gave him the women’s clothing he got. Liu Dan was very excited about this.

Zhang Meng helped He Daye move the furniture, and found that she was injured by the furniture, so he let her rest next to him at ease, and he was responsible for moving all the furniture in. During this period, several neighboring aunts passed by and couldn’t help but stop chatting with He Daye about their marriage life, and even reminded her not to be too accustomed to men as a past person.

He Daye sensed that the aunts had misunderstood the relationship between him and Zhang Meng, and immediately explained that the aunts urged her and Zhang Meng to get married as soon as possible. He Daye couldn’t argue, so he handed the business card to the aunt, hoping that they could help promote the company, but any unmarried couple who was about to get married could come to negotiate.

The furniture has been moved, He Daye ordered a takeaway to invite Zhang Meng to eat, and the two chatted about marriage at the dinner table. He Daye demonized the marriage and determined that he did not want to remarry. On the contrary, Zhang Meng was still looking forward to it, thinking that he would get up wherever he fell.

Zhang Meng wondered why He Daye would become a wedding planner because he was afraid of a serious marriage, but He Daye said that he could put his dream and sense of accomplishment on the wedding in the moment when the couple walked into the auditorium hand in hand. In fact, He Daye had also imagined a princess dream, but it was a pity that the princess dream was broken on the spot at the wedding, and she watched Luo Chang drop her ring and run away, and finally turned into a shadow in her life.

At this time, Luo Chang accompanied Liu Dan to dinner and took her to the restaurant where he was dating He Daye. It suddenly occurred to him that this restaurant could not swipe her card. Fortunately, Liu Dan carried a large pile of cash in his bag, even for the same reason as He Daye, which reminded him of what He Daye had said before, and fell into contemplation again.

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