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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 18 Recap

In order to successfully rescue Jin Xingjian, Ye Qingchun decided to go to his own father and ask him to contact the British to come forward. The premise is to close the Christine clothing store and go back to take over the family. Although Ye Qingchun’s dream was to engage in design, he did not hesitate in comparison to Jin Xingjian’s life, even if he was still a little bit reluctant.

Yu Shaobai’s failure to capture the other half of the Pearl of the Night was like a missed opportunity. Although Jin Xingjian has been controlled, Ye Ming’s memory will be retrieved sooner or later, and he can’t continue to hide it at that time. I am afraid that it would be even more difficult to get the inner alchemy back. Considering that the bitter drama will not last long, Yu Shaobai’s internal strength is extremely weak, so he asks the one-eyed general to find some human nourishment.

At the same time, because of the involvement of the British, Bai Jingang had to obey the arrangement, but he was unwilling to do so, so he decided to take Jin Xingjian away directly on the day he was released, and was dragged to the suburbs to be killed. The night before, Bai Jingang deliberately went to prison to select Jin Xingjian, frankly confessing that there was an expert in his back, so he had the opportunity to know how many goblins there are in this city.

Jin Xingjian naturally guessed that the so-called superior was actually Yu Shaobai sent to the monsters, but the other party knew his own weaknesses, and only a bullet could restrain his mana. The next day, Ye Lina wanted to pick up Jin Xingjian, but she didn’t expect someone to pick him up first. Fortunately, Lian Xuan ambushed in advance, and he and Ye Lina followed closely, desperately trying to stop it.

However, the explosive has been ignited, and Bai Jingang’s subordinates blocked it. Ye Lina saw the explosive explode, and Lian Xuan and Jin Xingjian died here, seeming to be blown to ashes. Ye Lina knelt on the ground and cried. Bai Jingang thought that Jin Xingjian and Lian Xuan would definitely die this time. Little did she know that Lian Xuan was rescued by Xiaoqing, and Jin Xingjian was taken away by Ye Ming. It was a little late to get back to heaven.

Lian Xuan mistakenly thought that Jin Xingjian had lost his life. In grief, she wished to tear the platinum with her hands. If Xiaoqing hadn’t stopped her, she would have rushed to the police station for revenge. For Jin Xingjian’s death, Lian Xuan deeply felt self-blame. After that, she was like a walking corpse. Every time she walked to the door of Huaxuezhai, she couldn’t help but think back to the days before.

Ye Ming rescued Jin Xingjian, helped him take out the bullet from his body, and naturally saw the difference between the bullets. Although Ye Ming had doubts, when Jin Xingjian actually named his surname, he refuted it bluntly, and then deliberately revealed it to Yu Shaobai, wanting to test his attitude. Yu Shaobai guessed Ye Ming’s mind, and immediately stated that he would never risk losing Ye Ming’s peace of mind, thus hurting Jin Xingjian.

That night, just as everyone felt sad for Jin Xingjian’s death, how unexpectedly Jin Xingjian came in from outside the door. At first Ye Lina thought she was dazzled, and she couldn’t believe it, until she discovered that Lian Xuan and Ye Qingchun had also seen Jin Xingjian, then she realized that Jin Xingjian was not dead at all.

Jin Xingjian’s complexion is not very good, Ye Lina intends to stay and take care of him, whether Jin Xingjian agrees or not. Through this incident, Ye Lina is no longer obsessed with love between men and women, but sometimes letting go is the best choice, so she also speaks directly to Jin Xingjian and is willing to be siblings to each other.

Since Xiaoqing confessed in prison, the relationship between Lian Xuan and her has become more intimate. Instead, they are like a mortal couple who knows how to increase their relationship in a small fight. Because Jin Xingjian is inconvenient to expose, he has stayed in Huaxuezhai’s crypt these days. Ye Ming was a little worried, and would stand at the door for a long time every time. Seeing Ye Ming, Lian Xuan claimed that Yu Shaobai had stolen Jin Xingjian’s seal. These words caused Ye Ming’s dissatisfaction.

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