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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 21 Recap

The child will eat up the mother’s time, physical strength and fighting spirit bit by bit. Hao Sunny’s new drama started, Little Bird Coffee became famous, everyone was very busy, and Mei Ji’s dress was completely different from the past. She and Ade bet on “closing her chest” for a month. Xiaosu escaped and wanted to meet with Lin Chuan. Lin Chuan wanted to see Xiaosu because he was troubled, so he decided to return the keys in his hand, and he did not say that he secretly bought the house so that Xiaosu could pay high compensation before renting it to her.

Little Bird Coffee’s business is very good. Customers often queue up for disputes. Fortunately, a righteous man makes plans to stabilize the military. Mei Ji set up a snow machine at the entrance of the store to let the guests feel the romance in the play. At the door where Bai Xue was flying, Mei Ji and Yang Zhenglong met each other unexpectedly, and the two had a very happy conversation.

The dizziness of iron-deficiency anemia made Xiao Su unable to work, and closed the door of his heart again. Even if Lin Chuan wanted to stay at the door, everyone could not give it a lunch box….The sound of the guitar that Lin Chuan thought came from the door, which reminded Xiao Su. The self with postpartum depression…

Sister Feng brought the autistic Youlin to Little Bird Coffee, and she cried inexplicably. Sister Feng kept crying and apologizing, which made Father Xia feel even more distressed for the mother and son. Yang Zhenglong came to the store, worrying about how to make up for the relationship with his daughter. Mei Ji bluntly shared her youth and frivolousness, which made Yang Zhenglong feel good about the outspoken Mei Ji.

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