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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 20 Recap

Fools and pretenders will also have their happiness. Xia Zhi and Yi Nan went to the Hekuo Hotel to deal with business affairs. The typhoon approached, Xia Zhi surveyed the hotel’s terrain, and helped the old grandma to bring things to the school auditorium. The wind and rain became bigger and the road was closed. Xia Zhi, who had lost contact with the outside world, had to go first.

Stay at school to avoid the typhoon. Mei Ji and everyone are busy preparing meals for the crew celebration dinner at night, but the director suddenly can’t tell. The news is broadcasting the ambiguous interview between Shu Ling and the director, and Mei Ji Xin is unwilling to look at the table of food. On the eve of the typhoon, Lin Chuan wanted to stay at Xiao Su’s house at all he could do, and the tired Xiao Su was too lazy to bother him.

The righteous man meets Jenny while staying at the Hekuo Hotel. The righteous man hopes that she will not embarrass Little Bird. Jenny said that she can’t pretend to be okay and watch the righteous man and Xia Zhi get along day and night. Mei Ji, Min and Ade came to the celebration banquet restaurant with food, but they were ridiculed by Shu Ling and the director. Mei Ji ate her face in the rain, embarrassed, and complained that he was confused. Min and Ade accompanied him.

The three of them bought drunk together, and ran to Ade’s live broadcast after drunk… Xia Zhi found out that the Hekuo Hotel was at risk of landslides from the villagers. He and Xiaoqi persuaded Jenny to stop the reconstruction, and Jenny scolded Xia Zhi for being serious and persuading Xiaoxiao. But he fainted. After being sent to the doctor for an examination, Xiao Su didn’t want to go home and thought about Lin Chuan, and stayed overnight at the hotel with Xia Zhi…

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