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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 19 Recap

It is a dream to make people feel complacent and desperate to accomplish. Preparations for the second store are in full swing. This time everyone has worked together and has a tacit understanding. Little Bird Coffee successfully ushered in the opening. However, the business is still deserted. Xia Zhi regretted that she should not use the original store name. Instead, Xiao Taku and Yi Nan encouraged her to believe that she was there. Do the right thing. Suddenly, Hao Sunny brought the crew to Little Bird Coffee, and took the dramatic filming in the name of helping propaganda. In order to make the filming smooth, Hao Sunny always lowered his posture in the face of the heroine Shu Ling’s various difficulties.

Xia Zhi saw in her mother that it is a dream that can make people try their best to achieve it. With her charm, Mi Ji let the director use the tableware in the store, and the play was romantically finished in the snow scene created by the snow machine. Mi Ji and the director began to get closer and closer. Xiao Su enjoys the happy time with his partners, and occasionally catches a glimpse of Aunt Hua eating alone, realizing that power, wealth, and status may not be so important;

Lin Chuan, who has disappeared for a long time, wants to appear, but has a plaster in his hand. Xia Zhi and Xiao Tiao tried their best to rebuild the Hekuo Hotel, but Jenny did not avoid meeting, and only used the secretary to spread the word, making things difficult for him. Xiao Tiao suspected that it was due to the relationship between the righteous man who went to work in Little Bird…

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