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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 18 Recap

We are weak and make mistakes, but we will not give up. At night in the city, the three of Little Bird were fighting against their irritable selves. Xiaotta went shopping alone, often unable to help but want to wipe the dirt on the dinner plate; Meiji couldn’t sleep, everything angered Mei Yao; Xia Zhi stood upside down. Doing yoga to seek peace…

Xiao Min and Xia Zhi talked about the meaning of work, so Xia Zhi thought of a way. She sold the stock goods at a 40% discount, and transformed Xia’s father’s shop into the second store of Little Bird, where she can also sell meals. Tableware… Although Mei Ji loves money but feels guilty about the job-hopping, Mei Yao also wakes up so many men who cheated her, who is the one who treats her sincerely, Mei Ji decides to bid farewell to Xia Zhi, Xiao Min and Ade The No. 1 shop and the preparation of the refit of the No. 2 shop together…

Ziyuan Group released a press to clarify that it has nothing to do with Little Bird. Xiao Tiao was heartbroken by his father’s avoidance of suspicion. Xia Zhi kept sending letters to Xiao Tiao to report on the progress of the No. 2 shop. Let Xiao Tiao who saw the letter feel the warmth of her partner and the spirit of Little Bird not giving up… Xia Zhi persuaded Sister Feng to work in the No. 2 shop. Father Xia was relieved, and Yi Nan also easily solved Mi Ji and Xiao Min’s headaches. For profit and loss issues, he was invited by Meiji to serve as the Minister of Finance. At this time, Xiaotao appeared in the second store with bubble tea. Everyone was excited, and Little Bird moved towards a new chapter with a brand new lineup!

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