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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 16 Recap

Learning how to shut up is also a science. In the middle of the night, Meiji had a stomachache and went out of the room to look for medicine, but saw that the house was filled with love slogans, and she saw Mei Yao not sleeping, she was afraid that Meiji could not think about it, and Meiji realized the love of her family! When Meiji returned to work, the news broke that Little Bird’s meal was poisonous, and Xiaoxiao’s attitude was tough to clarify.

Unexpectedly, the continuous negative reports caused customers to come to Little Bird for compensation, and the cooperative merchants of Happy Market also chose to withdraw. The righteous man did not want to hurt others in order to wash his innocence. After struggling all night, he decided to resign…

The righteous man walked lonely on the street holding the file box… Little Bird intends to use the media interview to reverse public opinion, but Xiao Tsuta’s past was once again affected. When the news broke, Xia Zhi and Mei Ji were surprised that Xiao Tiao actually had a daughter… In his anger, Xiao Tiao decided to take Little Bird away, and found that all the revelations were planned, so they were careless…

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