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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 42 Recap

A press conference was held on the eve of the game. Yu Kenan was as indifferent as always, but Xu Tan deliberately satirized Yu Kenan’s unscrupulous ways and intentionally injured his knee during the reporter’s questioning. Others thought it was a joke, but Yu Kenan knew very well that it was Xu Tan who was blaming and mocking himself. I don’t know when Xu Tan was gradually influenced by Yu Kenan, becoming like him, and there was nothing else in his heart other than winning.

The world-class national table tennis tournament is sponsored by the International Table Tennis Federation. It is the highest level table tennis competition and has a wide range of influence. As early as March 27, 2012, the ITTF announced that it would host the 53rd World Table Tennis Championship in Suzhou in 2015. This is the fifth time that the World Table Tennis Championship has chosen China as the host country.

A total of athletes, coaches and officials from 134 countries and regions will participate in the World Table Tennis Championships. The competition will be held from April 26 to May 3 at the Suzhou International Expo Center. This World Table Tennis Championship is also the venue with the highest specifications, the largest scale and the most advanced facilities. In addition, this World Table Tennis Championship is also the strongest in ten years.

At the semi-finals of the 53rd Suzhou World Table Tennis Championships in 2015, Xu Tan played against Song Min and easily qualified for the finals. At the same time, Yu Kenan undoubtedly defeated the Japanese players and entered the finals. Xu Tan and Yu Kenan are known as the twin stars of the table tennis session, and this time the most eye-catching battle of the century officially kicked off.

Both Yu Kenan and Xu Tan have their own huge fans, and this game also caused an empty prospect that tickets were sold out in an instant. Ten minutes before the game, Teng Biao was invited to a box. The TV was broadcasting the game scene. Lei Cheng also added new tea early.

Teng Biao took out a racket from his bag, which Lei Cheng mailed to him specifically, and it was this racket that made Teng Biao not be able to choose not to come to the appointment. Lei Cheng intends to play against Teng Biao in a game of chess. If he loses, he will be fine. If he wins, then Teng Biao will do something for Lei Cheng.

Teng Biao agreed to the gambling game without asking about the specific events. Over the years, Lei Cheng has never won a game of chess in Teng Biao’s hands, and Teng Biao has the winning ticket. The chess game of Teng Biao and Lei Cheng was set up, and Xu Tan and Yu Kenan also entered the arena one after another, causing a cheering and cheering voice.

In the first game, although Xu Tan took the lead in winning the score advantage, he turned defensively. The two world-class shields and spears seemed to have switched identities at this moment. Xu Tan lags behind, allowing Yu Kenan to win the first game, and Lei Cheng’s chess game has gradually shown a scene of retreat.

In the second game, Xu Tan suddenly used the methods of Liu Shi and Fu Jingchun to successfully regain the rhythm of the game and was able to retreat steadily in Kenan. However, it is not so easy to gather the masters of a hundred schools, and Xu Tan also lost another victory, and Lei Cheng also lost many pieces in his chess game.

The chess game between Lei Cheng and Teng Biao is like a duel between Xu Tan and Yu Kenan, and the methods between the master and the apprentice are very similar. Xu Tan eventually continued to attack Yu Kenan’s backhand, using the first three rounds of temptation to successfully chase two match points in a row. The sixth round will become Xu Tan’s key.

The number of games Xu Tan used to test was like a cannon fodder pawn that Lei Cheng gave in. Everything was for the subsequent layout. Like Xu Tan, Lei Cheng and Xu Tan were delicate and calm enough. It’s just that winning or losing is still unknown. Just in the crucial sixth game, not long after the start, Yu Kenan suddenly fell to the ground with pain on his right shoulder.

Xu Tan must have watched all Yu Kenan’s game videos before the game and saw the changes in the opponent’s backhand. Today’s tactics have also come from this, which also caused Yu Kenan’s injury to relapse. It turned out that the reason why Yu Kenan lost his backhand was because he was injured earlier, and the game also left suspense when Yu Kenan applied for a timeout.

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