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Mouse 마우스 Episode 9 Recap

Han Xujun gambled once and confessed and admitted that he transplanted Cheng Yaohan’s brain to Zheng Barin, but he didn’t expect Zheng Barin to find out so quickly. Han Xujun cut off the heads of the victims and numbered them one by one for research. He was about to win, but Gao Wuzhi came out to disrupt the situation, and Han Xujun hated him deeply.

Gao Wuzhi was arrested on suspicion of killing Yu Caibi. Cui Hongzhu was distraught. She learned from a colleague that Gao Wuzhi had bought a ring and was going to propose to her. However, seeing Han Xujun’s interview on TV, Han Xujun publicly provokes the family of the deceased. Gao Wuzhi made up his mind to go to prison and kill Han Xujun.

More than 30 years ago, when Han Xujun was studying abroad, he accidentally discovered that Daniel, the cleaner, secretly gave dopamine to a patient with congenital brain atrophy. It was the patient of Dr. Gade. Han Xujun was working on research on human brain transplantation. Ken missed such a good opportunity, and collaborated with Daniel to conduct experiments on mice, and finally got the five-year-old patient with cerebral palsy to stand up again. This research caused a strong sensation abroad, and Han Xujun returned home with this technology. He became one of Korea’s leading brain experts, and soon afterwards Daniel became famous at home and abroad for his genetic research on psychopaths.

Han Xujun was unwilling to stop here. He had a bolder idea, so he targeted the homeless tramps, killed them, and experimented with their brains. Zheng Barin came to Han Xujun’s laboratory with memory and saw the brain soaked in disinfectant. Zheng Barin came to Han Xujun’s home, and the scene of Han Xujun’s murder was clearly restored in his mind.

Zheng Barin couldn’t bear it. He went directly to the mayor’s house to report, but he heard a more shocking news. The mayor received a video tape in advance and witnessed Han Xujun digging out the brains of the dead in the laboratory. She wanted to win the people’s hearts during the election. Guiqiu Han Xujun replaced Zheng Barin with Cheng Yaohan’s mind. Han Xujun asked him to be released from prison, and the mayor could not be the lord. Han Xujun left with anger, but later he changed his mind to perform surgery on Zheng Barin. It turned out that when Han Xujun learned that someone had given the mayor an anonymous videotape, he guessed it was Park Hyun-soo, who had escaped by chance, but did not expect that she was still alive.

Zheng Barin went home frustrated and couldn’t see Wu Fengyi waiting for him. He learned that Gao Wuzhi was suspected of murdering Yu Caibi and was arrested. Zheng Barin immediately called Cui Hongzhu, and the two of them went to check Yu Caibi’s injuries. He went to the hospital again. Zheng Barin saw that Zheng Wanhao and Police Officer Park’s wife were full of arms. Zheng Wanhao picked up the scalpel dropped by Park’s wife and immediately guessed that Zheng Wanhao killed Yu Caibi and Gao Wuzhi. It’s just a generational experience.

Zheng Barin and Cui Hongzhu came to Police Officer Park’s house. Police Officer Park guessed that the murder of his wife had been exposed, and brought them both to his daughter’s grave. Unexpectedly, Zheng Wanhao would worship before the grave and repeatedly claimed that he was buried here. Police officer Park was dumbfounded at her daughter, Zheng Xiuzhen. Zheng Wanhao saw the crimes Yu Caibi confessed after he was arrested, and recognized that his missing daughter was killed in those years. He came to the hospital to find Yu Caibi to settle accounts. But when he met the assassination of Park’s wife, Zheng Wanhao used the surgery she had prepared. The knife killed Yu Caibi.

Police Officer Park learned that his daughter Park Hyun-soo was not buried in the grave, but he still couldn’t believe it. He repeatedly confirmed to Zheng Barin how he knew Zheng Wanho was the murderer. Zheng Barin said inconveniently that Police Officer Park waited for a forensic doctor to do a DNA comparison. Because Zheng Barin helped to find out the truth, Gao Wuzhi was released. Cui Hongzhu thanked Zheng Barin for her great help. Then she came to the tavern to find Gao Wuzhi. Gao Wuzhi was using wine to worry about him. Cui Hongzhu didn’t know how to persuade him. Impatient, forced Cui Hongzhu away.

Cui Hongzhu couldn’t help but think of the past. For the first time she saw Cheng Yaohan, who was downcast, and learned that he was Han Xujun’s son. Later Cheng Yaohan jumped to commit suicide. Cui Hongzhu rescued him and encouraged him to face it bravely, Cui Hongzhu Because of the injury, I met Cheng Yaohan again in the hospital. The two had the same illness and pity each other, and soon fell in love. Cui Hongzhu went home and took over the baby son from the babysitter. He couldn’t help but think of Cheng Yaohan.

Zheng Barin was distracted by Cheng Yaohan’s memory and couldn’t work normally. Gao Wuzhi used Jiu Jin to find him to settle accounts, accusing him of not going to the murderer without authorization, causing all his plans to come to nothing. All the anger spread on Gao Wuzhi, he fell to the ground and pinched his neck. Wu Fengyi witnessed this scene, and she was frightened.

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