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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 23 Recap

Gnuwen finally told the old things more than a year ago. More than a year ago, when the polio vaccine was routinely vaccinated across the island, each vaccine had a strict temperature label. If the temperature was too high, it would change from white to black. Dr. Ruan discovered that the vaccine was ineffective from its color change. The refrigerators storing vaccines are all manufactured by the same company, and this equipment company is owned by Ann Marriott. Gnuwen told the last secret, which made An Fanny completely frustrated. He said that these invalid vaccines had been injected into the children in the village. An Fanny stepped out and told John that she wanted Gnuwen to be a tainted witness.

Jin Lei, an orphan adopted by an old beggar, became addicted to drugs. After being sent to the drug rehabilitation center, he came out and went to the Friendly Hospital to steal things. Qiao Yuqian found that he had a fever and paronychia, suspected to be bacterial endocarditis, and pulled him to stay for examination, but Jin Lei dropped the medicine and ran away. Afterwards, Liang Kaili reminded her not to show kindness and leave Jin Lei for a comprehensive inspection without authorization, because if there is no consent form signed by his family members, Qiao Yuqian will bear full responsibility for him. When John came to the hospital, he probably talked about Gnuwen’s situation, and everyone knew that Roy had concealed this incident at the expense of the health of many children, and they were irritated.

The next investigation involved professional medical knowledge and needed the cooperation of a Chinese doctor. Huo Xiang asked Zhou Yue to help. Qiao Yuqian was worried about Uncle Wen, so she asked if John had a lawyer to defend him. John said Anfennie was helping him. Qiao Yuqian was very sad and disappointed in Uncle Wen. He didn’t expect that Uncle Wen, who looked honest and loyal, was willing to do things for Roy in order to avenge her family, killing so many children. Seeing Qiao Yuqian’s sadness, Liao Yu stepped forward to comfort her. Qiao Yuqian was emotional and confessed to Liao Yu, but Liao Yu directly rejected Qiao Yuqian for some reason.

Under Huo Xiang’s promotion, the governor directly called the village chief, and coupled with the successive publicity of the Department of Health, the vaccination work was carried out smoothly. For this intensive vaccination work, Huo Xiang and others have done a lot of work ahead of time. Zhou Yue understands that only doctors with kindness and kindness can be a good doctor. In addition to superb medical skills, doctors must have empathy for patients. Zhou Yue and the villager Xiao Ruan went up to the mountain to vaccinate their children. When there was a heavy rain, Xiao Ruan said that he would go back and get her a bag, leaving Zhou Yue alone. Li Tiancheng appeared, holding a plastic raincoat with Zhou Yue to block the rain, Zhou Yue was very surprised.

The two hid in the thatched hut. Zhou Yue asked Li Tiancheng to block her with a plastic raincoat. She changed her wet clothes and pants. Zhou Yue put on the clothes left by Xiao Ruan, which fits perfectly. Li Tiancheng came because Qiao Yuqian said she had a cold, so he came to give her medicine. After the two said, Li Tiancheng mustered up the courage to kiss her, Zhou Yue did not refuse. After the rain stopped, Xiao Ruan also came, and Li Tiancheng went down the mountain to find everyone. Li Tiancheng quickly put into publicity work to the villagers. Some villagers asked why there are almost no cases in the West District, but almost all of them are in the East District. Li Tiancheng couldn’t say too much, he only said roughly.

The villagers thought it was because they were poor that they got the disease. Wang Xiaocong immediately interrupted this statement. He introduced Mr. Gu Fangzhou to everyone, told about the polio outbreak in China many years ago, and encouraged China to fight against the polio epidemic. Don’t lose hope for vaccination because of economic backwardness.

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