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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 37 Recap

After Xing Kelei returned home, he boiled soup and waited for Mi Ha to return home, but Mi Ha changed shift temporarily to be on the night shift. Xing Kele kept thinking of Shu Wenbo’s words, so he took the soup and went to Xing Kayao. Xing Kelao saw Xing Kele came over suddenly. I guessed that Mi Ha did not come back on duty in the hospital, or the two quarreled, Xing Kelei was a little helpless, saying that the two hadn’t been alone for a long time, and couldn’t fight at all. Xing Keyao said that Mi Ha was fortunately transferred back.

Emergency treatment, otherwise it must be busier. Xing Keyao mentioned the Allen Medical Center, saying that the doctors there are very busy and only have one day of rest a week, but the doctors who come out of Allen Medical Center, domestic hospitals are all Xing Kelei sighed after hearing it. He wanted to discuss with Xing Kelei about his proposal to Mi Ha.

When Xing Kelei heard that Xing Kelei wanted to propose to Mi Ha, she was overjoyed. She let Xing Kelei feel relieved that the family was completely at ease. No objection, as long as Xing Kelei’s parents get married, it doesn’t matter who they marry. Xing Keyao is going to Hong Kong in a few days. She also knows the size of Mi Jia’s fingers, so she agreed to help Xing Kelei buy a proposal ring.

Mi Yan hasn’t seen Xing Kelei in the past few days, and she hasn’t had time to tell Xing Kelei in person that she is going to go abroad to the Allen Medical Center. As time drags on, she becomes more and more worried.

On this day, she and Ruan Qingxia went home together. Ruan Qingxia already knew that Mi Ha was going to go abroad, and worried that Mi Ha and Xing Kelei would not have a good talk tonight, Ruan Qingxia comforted Mi Ha with a few words, and went to find Shu Wenbo. Ruan Qingxia arrived at the police team to meet Shu Wenbo.

While playing a game, Shu Wenbo suddenly took out her ring and knelt down on one knee to Ruan Qingxia and proposed to her. Shu Wenbo confessed affectionately, saying that he liked her a long time ago. Thanks to her for teaching herself how to love and how to thank love, Ruan Qingxia agreed to Shu Wenbo’s marriage proposal without hesitation.

On the other side, Shao Yuhan went to Xing Keyao’s house and asked her to go to see the house on Saturday. He said that he hoped that Xing Keyao and herself could live in the new house together. Xing Keyao didn’t know how to answer the conversation for a while, and neither did Shao Yuhan. After covering up, he confessed his heart to Xing Keyao.

They were separated seven years ago. It was really helpless. Now that they can meet again, Shao Yuhan doesn’t want to let Xing Keyao leave anymore. If he goes back to seven years ago, he will definitely speak up. Xing Keyao stayed, Xing Keyao’s eyes were red, and the two embraced tightly.

The two quarreled as soon as they got back together. Xing Keyao learned that Shao Yuhan recommended Mi Ha to go to the Allen Medical Center as a resident. Shao Yuhan felt that Shao Yuhan had not considered her and Xing Kelei, and worried that Xing Kele and Mi Ha would be forced like they did in the past. After breaking up, Xing Kelei came back and heard the quarrel between the two. He who originally wanted to propose to Mi Yan happily changed his face suddenly.

Mi Jia did not wait until Xing Kelei came back at home. She went to Xing Kelei’s room and took a look and saw the ring Xing Keyao bought for Xing Kelei. She thought it was the ring that Shu Wenbo bought for Ruan Qingxia. Ruan Qingxia called the video. Call to share his joy of being proposed to Mi Yan.

Mi Yan looked at the ring on Ruan Qingxia’s hand and realized that the ring on the table was bought by Xing Kelei. Mi Yan’s heart is very complicated. On the one hand, Xing Kelei wants to be pleased with her marriage proposal, and on the other hand, he wants to confess to Xing Kelei about his going abroad. Mi Yan wants to go out to find Xing Kelei, but she is very hesitant.

Xing Kelei finished listening. Xing Keyao and Shao Yuhan wanted to turn their heads and go home, but when they arrived at the door, they didn’t know how to face Mi Yan. One of them stood inside the door and the other stood outside. They were very confused, and the two recalled. All the bits and pieces they had experienced, when Mi Yan mustered up the courage to open the door, Xing Kelei had already left. Mi Yan opened the door and saw Xing Keyao and Shao Yuhan. Seeing their reactions, she knew that Xing Keyi already knew that she was going abroad.

Mi Yan rushed downstairs to find Xing Kelei, saying that he would not go to the Allen Medical Center, Xing Kelei did not speak, and hugged Mi Jia. After the two went upstairs, they had a good chat. Mi Yan was willing to give up this opportunity for Xing Kelei. , But Xing Kelei said that the two of them have gone through life and death, and there will be no more things to separate them. Even if he has more reluctance, he still hopes that Mi Yan can cherish this opportunity and pursue his dream. Mi Jia took out the ring and asked Xing Kelei if he wanted to give it to himself.

Xing Kele said that he originally wanted to propose, but now that this happened, he asked Mi Jia what he thought. Mi Jia reversed Xing Kele’s proposal and asked Xing Kele whether he would like to marry him. To marry herself, Mi Yan asked Xing Kelei to wait for him to return from abroad, and then make up a formal marriage proposal for himself.

Ruan Qingxia tried her wedding dress at the bridal shop that day. She and Shu Wenbo had already set a wedding date. Because Shu Wenbo’s father was in poor health, they planned to go back to Shu Wenbo’s hometown for the wedding, but they stayed in Jiangning and took pictures of the wedding. I will pretend to be a small party and invite some friends and colleagues to witness. Before Shu Wenbo and Xing Kelei came, Ruan Qingxia asked Mi Yan to try the wedding dress.

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